BVI: Session 2 - Luna Kahuna

Day 21- Staff Update

Location: Elle
Author: West End, Tortola
The second part of our trip has flown by. We’ve had so much fun here on Luna Kahuna!! The Neptune shipmates have all successfully completed their advanced open water certifications, along with 5 specialties: wreck, night, equipment, boat and fish ID. Our dolphins have been busy completing their research dives and presenting their scientific papers. Sasha and Charlie had so much fun working on their project together. Nataysia impressed us with her drawing ability creating some amazing fish ID log entries. Katie and Justin enjoyed the diving so much they’re already planning out when to do their divemasters! Robert never failed to let us Staff know that the dinghies were indeed in the water every day while Xavier took the lead and organized card games for everyone to play in the evenings. Allissa discovered a hidden talent in cooking, always lending a hand to the chefs of the day and making some delicious pancakes. Gus, our chief fly swatter, could always be counted on to ensure our galley and salon were fly-free. Taylor and Nina enjoyed sunbathing on the hard top and dancing to some good tunes during shower time. Eleanor and Heidi got involved in race day, helping out our skipper Carolyn, wearing their captain hats and doing such a great job that we came second! Overall, we’ve had such a fun session and we’re sad it’s coming to an end so quickly. We hope to see all our new friends again next summer for some more memories!

Posted: Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Lots of Love for Luna

Location: Heidi K.
Author: West End, Tortola
This morning we all awoke feeling a little sad, knowing it was our last day together. We pushed through feelings of sorrow to enjoy one last cereal breakfast together, then quickly cleaned up and motored over to the Indians for our last dive. While some dove, others stayed back aboard to begin deep cleaning the boat. After finishing the dive, the whole crew worked together to get our boat sparkling clean. We all enjoyed one last sail to together back to West End. After arriving in West End, everyone stayed together to eat lunch and hang out all day. Following a whole day of fun together, we took some quick dock showers and got ready for the final BBQ. We have had such a fun and amazingly wonderful adventure together these past 21 days and are incredibly sad to leave, but our last day together was sure one to remember.

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017

Race Day!

Location: Robert M.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
Today began with a delicious breakfast of pancakes. After we finished breakfast, half of the shipmates went on a relatively shallow dive and the other half went water skiing. On the dive, we saw many kinds of fish and even a few crabs. Once the ski and scuba gear were all stowed and put away, we went on an hour long sail across the way to Road Town. Upon arrival, we got an hour and a half of time on shore to grab lunch, shop at local stores, and contact home. Once time was up, we suited up for the most important part of ActionQuest- race day!! Even though we were towing the highest amount of dinghies, we still came in second place! Now that the race is over, we are showering and preparing a dinner meal of cheddar broccoli pasta. After dinner, we will be going to bed for the second to last time aboard Luna Kahuna. It is saddening to think about only having one more day of AQ left. I am going to miss everyone on this boat so much!

Posted: Tue, Jul 25, 2017

Wreck Diving and Turtles!

Location: Nataysia M.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
After some cereal for breakfast, the crew had a relaxing sail over to our morning dive site. Both Neptunes and Dolphins dove shipwreck alley which consisted of three wrecks, two small ships, and a tugboat. It was definitely one of the more interesting dives since it was the second to last. We ate leftover dinner for lunch and then had some time to relax in the sun. The Neptunes then went for their second wreck dive of the day and the Dolphins went to search for some more turtles. After hours of searching and chasing, the Dolphins, unfortunately, were unable to catch and tag a sea turtle. However, one of the Dolphins managed to touch and almost catch a hawksbill. Tonight, we are going to have breakfast for dinner! I can not believe that there are only three more days at AQ! Although I am looking forward to normal showers and sleeping in a big bed again, I am already starting to miss everybody on the boat. Looking back on this experience, I have definitely learned a lot about marine biology and scuba diving, living in such close proximity to others, working as a team, and especially myself. This was such an unforgettable experience that exceeded my expectations in every way!

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