BVI: Session 2 - Peeps Larou

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Bryant
Our journey now is nearing its end; for the Peeps crew and for myself, as this means returning home. This thought brings me sadness, but thinking back over the last three weeks together lifts me. Getting to know each member of our crew and watching them develop their skills and grow closer together is a special experience. This session brought me my first returning shipmate, Ivy. It was fantastic to reflect on our past year and see her grow as a leader especially in regards to sailing. Our entire crew “killed it” sailing this year. Caisha sailed us onto a mooring on our first day sailing. She also loved to dive and is a fantastic wakeboarder. Luke, who earned the nickname Tex, piloted us to a close second in our final sailing race. Aside from sailing, living on a boat brings its unique benefits and challenges. Our whole crew did awesome and Alana enjoyed adapting to life on board and was a great leader and at the center of any fun. Of course diving was a huge part of our trip and Sarah, Kayla, Redmond, Max, Conchi, Amber, Adam, and Isaac all cited being in the water as the best part of their trip. I really enjoyed working with Dolphins Sara and Conchi on their sea fan project, and watching Conchi, who hails from Spain, integrate into our group. Outside of diving, Kayla and Max brightened everyone’s day with their positive nature, enthusiasm, and kindness. Amber loved the academic portions of the courses, and working with Cayley and Kelli on her Advanced and Wreck Diving certifications. I know she will miss the warm BVI water when she returns to Canada. While we all love being in the water, Redmond and Isaac’s enthusiasm eclipsed others’. Redmond cited diving as his favorite activity every day, save maybe one, which elicited a gasp from the entire group. Isaac was difficult to keep out of the water, even during activities, and at night in his quest to swim with tarpon. Adam, too, showed an awesome passion for diving. He was a terrific leader to everyone underwater, and a great example of dive skills to our crew, including its instructors. Another of my favorite challenges was the hike on Day 15. I was glad to see Steele at the top, and happy that he cited conquering Mt. Sage as his favorite accomplishment this year. Now we’re home in West End, Tortola. I hope that everyone has a fantastic year, and I hope to see everyone next year – I hope we are all back.

A Voyage in the Caribbean

Location: West End
Author: Isaac S.
Over the past 20 days the shipmates aboard Peeps Larou have undergone a complete transformation. Physically, we took a plunge and discovered the ocean’s depths, but metaphorically, each shipmate became an ambassador of the next generation that will, in the future, represent the oceans. Our family aboard Peeps and the greater AQ community has acted as a catalyst, helping each shipmate discover themselves. While we tie up loose ends as our voyage concludes, we reflect upon our growth as a cohesive group and all the memorable experiences we shared. Sailing, taking saltwater showers, beach rendezvous, hiking, watersports, late nights on the trampoline and of course, diving were all group favorites. Living on our boat reconnected us to nature and reminded us of our respective significances. During our Lifeworks forums, we were reminded of our goals in life. Even seemingly insignificant tasks like washing down the boat after every meal built character and we learned how to work and have fun at the same time. Underwater, many other memories were forged. Seeing the reef sharks at The Playgrounds and Mario’s left indelible memories in our minds. Exploring shipwrecks at Wreck Alley, diving the Rhone and swimming through caves never ceased to amaze us with each new day. Each shipmate made at least 15 close friends on our voyage. As we all head our separate ways tomorrow, we will have a bittersweet departure. Luckily it’s not an indefinite goodbye but rather a “see you soon!”

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Off to the Races

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Luke G.
This morning we woke up and sailed from GHP to Dead Man’s Chest to dive. Although it was cloudy and the waves were big, the visibility was great. We saw some trumpet fish, a huge school of blue tangs, and a spotted eagle ray! Then we went to Road Town for lunch and snacks. After Road Town we lined up the boats and waited for the countdown to start the race. Although all four boats were close, Peeps and Love pulled away after the first turn. It was extremely close for the rest of the race, but Love of my Life ended up winning. Then we anchored in the Bight and prepared dinner. Now we are writing cards to each other to help us remember the trip.

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

What a Wreck!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Amber G.
This morning we were woken up a little early by some rain. When we were almost completely awake we had a breakfast of cereal. Then we set sail to Cooper Island so we could dive Wreck Alley. The Neptunes completed their third wreck dive while the Dolphins had a fun dive. When we surfaced we had lunch. While we waited for tanks to be filled some of us had naps in the sun while some of us worked on last minute stuff for presentations of prepped for our quiz night. As soon as all the tanks were full the Dolphins went for another fun dive and the Neptunes went on Wreck Dive four where we got to swim through the Beata and saw three other wrecks including the kissing wrecks. We all enjoyed our wreck day but it isn’t quite over. We have to do some cleaning then our final paperwork is due. So we will keep trekking . . . it’s hard to believe we only have a few days left!

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

West End Bound

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Sara P.
After a rain free night we woke up to a beautiful sunrise! After breakfast we motored to West End for delicious mochas and breakfast sandwiches that were to die for! All of us Peeps went to the stores getting last minute gifts for family and friends. Sam was nice enough to let us take the mooring at the Fearless wreck. At 75 feet down we all had a blast swimming around and peeking into the ship. My favorite part was when we all sat on the sunken toilet! We had Mexican Night for dinner, and now we’re getting ready to work on our projects and study for our exams.

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