Global: Session 2 - Bora Bora: Tahiti

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2011

Canoeing in Raiatea!

Location: Raiatea
Author: Karla
Today we went canoeing up a fresh water and into the crater of a volcano. Our guide told us all about the different types of trees and plants, when we came back he gave us a tour in the old botanical gardens. It was Awesome! We motor-sailed to town for free time ashore. We came back to the boat, I motored to a place where they had mooring balls on the west side of Raiatea. We studied and had dinner. Julia told Marie and I a funny story before bed!

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Waterfall Hunt….

Location: Bora Bora to Raiatea
Author: Maddy
Today we woke up at the Bora Bora yacht club for the last time. It was a pretty early morning and we left the lagoon almost immediately. The water was pretty calm and the wind good for our 3hr motor. Unfortunately we had some trouble with the halyard so we couldn’t sail from Bora Bora to our destination, Raiatea. When we got to Raiatea we’d gotten the line free from being wrapped around the mast so we got some sailing in. We are now anchored in a small bay and got there around noon. After having 2 meals underway I think we were all ready for our time ashore. We motored our dinghy to shore and Julia and Molly told us we were going waterfall hunting! The hike was so cool! We walked in a forest uphill along a stream and came across 3 different waterfalls, each bigger than the last. After about 40 minutes and 2 waterfalls we finally reached the last waterfall. Everyone jumped into the refreshingly cool water and hung out there and swam around. The hike down was nice as well however we had a bit of rain while we were swimming so it was kind of muddy/slippery. We got back to the boat made dinner and had showers. Now we’re going to have a sail chat and get to sleep.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2011

Maupiti and Manta Rays

Location: Maupiti to Bora Bora
Author: Catie
We awoke to a breakfast of Maddy and Karla’s magnificent crepes and prepped ourselves for a truly amazing dive/snorkel. Going in two groups we began to descend and soon discovered the Manta Rays. Each ray was between 3 – 4 meters and soared through the water, gracefully gliding over not only the coral head but us as well! Soon after returning to our beloved Pelican, we waved good-bye to the dive instructors who led us on the once in a lifetime dive experience with rays and made our way back to Bora Bora. The motor from Maupiti to Bora was sunny and beautiful which gave us all the perfect opportunity to rest up from our hike on the previous day. As we approached Bora Bora we caught a glimpse of some dolphins in the lagoon. Then we began to study for the VHF operator’s exam, keep your fingers crossed that we all pass!

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2011

Top of Maupiti

Location: Maupiti
Author: Travis
This morning we woke up early so that we could start our big hike before it got too hot. Though very steep and challenging; after around an hour we reached the top and were rewarded for our hard work with an incredible view of the island and its Motus (little islands). After taking the time to absorb and take pictures of the breath-taking landscape we headed back down. Once off the mountain we snacked on coconuts and delicious crepes and headed back to the boat. After a quick lunch and refreshing jump in the ocean, we headed back to Maupiti for a fun bike ride around the small island and stopped at a few nice beaches to enjoy and relax. After a second loop and last look at Maupiti we returned once again to Pelican for a delectable dinner of chicken under a beautiful starry sky as a prefect end to what was easily one of the best days so far.

Posted: Thu, Jul 21, 2011

Goodbye Bora Bora!

Location: Bora Bora to Maupiti
Author: Rebecca
Today began very early for us. At 2 am we set sail for Maupiti which took us around 6 hours. We did this in two shifts so that we could get at least a little rest. It was a very exciting sail and the second shift got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Though some of us were unfortunately quite seasick, we made it to Maupiti at around 8 am. Maupiti is very different than Bora Bora as it is much less inhabited and because of the difficult pass into the island, is much less traveled to. We were all happy to arrive but as we were all quite exhausted and still recovering from our seasickness so we relaxed and napped for a few hours. Later in the day when we were feeling up to it, we headed into town to find that wasn’t really much to see on the very small island in which we were told can be walked around in a total of 2.5 hours. After this excursion, we were taken to an elaborate reef to snorkel where we saw lots of pretty corals, reef fish, and even found a 3 foot long puffer fish which was super cool. Exhausted, we headed back to the boat for a delicious dinner of Mexican food and crashed soon after dinner.

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