BVI: Session 1 - Blue Venture

Posted: Sun, Jul 8, 2012

Our Last Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Carter M.
From the moment we woke up we all could tell that this day was different. We woke up to our usual morning wake up playlist but we couldn’t help but realize that this was our last day together. For all of us leaving was a love-hate relationship. We were all sad to be leaving each other but at the same time glad to be back with our friends and families. After we had a quick breakfast of the remaining cereal we set off for our last dive at the Indian Head. After we came out of the water we started the Big Clean. We spent the entire duration of the ride back to West End cleaning our boat until it was spotless. Once we arrived at West End we headed into town for lunch before returning back to the boat to shower and get ready for the BBQ. We are all excited for it and feel that we are going to have a great time.

Posted: Sat, Jul 7, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Caroline D.
We woke up this morning to delicious pancakes prepared by our chefs. Then we had the option to ski, dive, or chill on the boat. A couple people chose to ski while the rest of us went to dive the Fearless wreck. The wreck was one of the most amazing dives we have done so far. Despite subprime visibility we were able to explore a wreck in 82 feet of water. We saw the reminants of sheets and lines tangled around the mast while the big eye jacks and nassau grouper lurked under the hull. Natalie saw the most adorable baby trunkfish. We then showered and sailed to Road Town. Some of our crew went shopping while the rest of us went hunting for ice cream. After returning back to our boat, Matty informed us that we were going to have a sailing race to Norman Island against the rest of the catamerans. Although we came in third we were all proud our valiant effort. We were still able to enjoy the feeling of the wind in our hair as we sailed. For dinner ate cheesey broccoli pasta. We also decided to bake all of our left over baked goods. Our brownies and vanilla cake with chocolate icing tasted like heaven. Over all it was a really fun day.

Posted: Fri, Jul 6, 2012

Due Date and Certification Achievement Day

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Alexandra
Today was a day best characterized as challenging, yet one that yielded a significant reward. We began the day with cereal and a fresh fruit salad which was quickly inhaled by all of the shipmates. With breakfast eaten and everyone fully awake, we rose the anchor and began to sail towards the Blue Chromise on Cooper Island. After the hour long sail we arrived at Cooper Island, specifically at a series of wrecks nicknamed the “Kissing Wrecks.” The Dolphins were first off the boat and into the dive site. Neptunes were fast on their heels diving off of Mambo No. Five. Shortly after our thrilling dive onto Beta, one of the sunken ships, the other Neptunes and I arrived back to Blue Venture to find the Dolphins busily working on their research project. Carter and Nick whipped up a delightful lunch consisting of chicken salad, trail mix, chips, and PB and J. My fellow Blue Ventures and I then proceeded to attack the fresh batch of M and M brownies made by our lovely chefs. Soon after our chocolate induced coma, Neptunes were setting up our dive gear for our second and last dive of the day. This dive differed from our first one because although on the same wreck, this time all dives swam through the inside, thus earning our PADI wreck diver certification.

Posted: Thu, Jul 5, 2012

Seagulls, Belly Flops and Pranks

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Beth C.
Today we had an early wake up and got underway to West End. After a yummy breakfast of oatmeal, we docked in West End and hung out. We had an opportunity to call our parents and tell them about all the fun we are having! Around eleven we were underway to Dead Chest Island to set up scuba gear and dive a site called Painted Walls. Our staff member Cayley asked us all to bring back buried treasure (we didn’t find any). Minutes after coming up from our dive, the funniest thing happened. Matty, our skipper, taught us how to catch a seagull! My friend, Will, was instructed to sit with a towel over his head on Zodiac, covered in Pringles. On his second try, Will actually caught a seagull! It was so funny. After Letting our new friend Mr. Seagull go, we traveled to Great Harbour, Peter Island to water ski and work on our research projects. Little did we know another boat, Mambo No. Five, would challenge us to a belly flop contest. After a fierce competition and many red bellies, the flops ended. Before we knew it, we were all sitting at the dinner table for a delicious Mexican Night. After cleaning up the fiesta, we all headed over to Boss Lady (another cool boat name) to free up some space for Lifeworks on our boat for the sail side shipmates. From start to finish, it was another incredible day in the BVI’s!

Posted: Wed, Jul 4, 2012

Day 16

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Natalie K.
Today was a long day. We were all exhausted from the hike and BBQ. Alex and Gus cooked yummy pancakes. We slipped the mooring and went to Sandy Spit to dive at the Playgrounds. The water was so choppy and it started to rain. After the dive we ate ramen noodle soup. It was so good! When lunch was over the Neptunes went to their lecture and Dolphins worked on our projects. We were about to go to the beach when it began to storm. It was insane! Once that was over we took showers. We made cookies and we ate them and they tasted really good. Now we are making franks and beans with cornbread. Later, we have Lifeworks at 8 on Mambo No. 5. I can’t believe we only have 3 full days left after today!

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