BVI: Session 2 - Blue Venture

Posted: Mon, Jul 30, 2012

The Beginning of the End As We Know It.

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Meghann and Matty
All of us on Blue Venture are amazed about how quickly this trip has flown by! We’ve had a lot of great memories and I know we all can’t wait to share them with our family and friends back home. The Neptunes got all their certifications in, including wreck and equipment specialties. As a Neptune instructor I was amazed at all the effort and passion for diving they all share with me during this trip. The Dolphins have wrapped up their projects and the salon table looks empty without the labyrinth of colored pencils, notebooks, and text books. The presentations revealed an extraordinary effort that every group put into their subject of choice. Its a bittersweet moment waking up the next morning and realizing there were no more research dives to dive. A final attempt at turtle tagging and we are off to Road Town for another adventure. During the last half of our trip we had some beach parties, tons of diving and a lot of fun! Some of the highlights are: Tillie, Jake, Teal, and Bridget all enjoyed the final wreck dive of a barge and tug boat. Mel was thrilled the Dolphin project was turned in. Ana, Ina, Lizzy and Teal all enjoyed turtle tagging. Felix and Lizzy enjoyed the final night dive which they had to navigate by themselves (with buddies). Luigi was a rock star when it came to wakeboarding, he helped teach other shipmates as well! Charlie loved the weather we have been having and the sailor had we purchased in port. Will and Jake enjoyed all the diving and Izzy loved everything about the trip. We have all made great friendships and memories aboard Blue Venture. We will miss everyone and we all hope to stay in touch!

Posted: Sun, Jul 29, 2012

Race Day

Location: The Bight, Norman
Author: Teal O.
Today we woke up to pancakes cooked by Izzy and Lizzy. After breakfast most of the girls went turtle tagging while the boys went wakeboarding. We showered then set sail to Road Town for lunch. After a few hours in port the race began. The 4 dive side boats raced to Norman Island. Rescue took the lead followed by Mambo No. Five, Blue Venture then Panasea. This afternoon we hung out on the boat and began our cleaning and packing . For dinner we had Asian noodles and pasta. Following dinner was a food fight with the left overs between Tillie and Matty. The whole crew can agree that the trip has flown by way too fast. With nobody wanting to leave the BVIs, tomorrow is going to be a dreaded day of cleaning and packing followed by a final beach BBQ.

Posted: Sat, Jul 28, 2012

Cheesy Nights

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Anna V.
Another beautiful day in the BVI’s. We wake up and start eating a fresh crunchy cereal. This was the last research dive we were going to do in the trip so we had to charge our batteries because we were gonna have our presentation about parrotfish. We dove the coolest wreck ever. It had little passages, too little for us to go through it but enough to see what it had inside. After that we played some cards and just chilled for a moment until Matty reminded us to finish our essays. For lunch we had tortellini. After we finished eating we made the squeeze question “what’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” Everybody started telling their stories. Tillie had one of the best. She was chasing a cupcake around her house. Then we started talking about cheese and how it alters your dreams especially when you eat it at night. That brought some good memories with my sister. We started practicing our presentations to see how it went.

Posted: Fri, Jul 27, 2012

West End and the Sub Ball

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Lizzy J.
Today was an early start of a fairly long sail to port. We woke up at 6:30 am and had a breakfast of oatmeal while underway to West End. In West End everyone had either an early lunch or a late second breakfast. Once everyone was back on the boat we started one of the longest sails so far. Most everyone fell asleep or worked on fish journals or Dolphin projects. After about 3 hours of sailing we stopped and anchored for the day. Everyone went and dove a barge wreck 90 feet down called the Sub Ball. It was one of the better dives of the trip with many things to explore and creatures to see. No we are sitting down to Mexican Night dinner and finishing up the fish journals that are due later tonight.

Posted: Thu, Jul 26, 2012

Sore Butts and Legs

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Bridget M.
This morning was much to early for me. After staying up late making forts on the trampoline I just wanted to fall back to sleep but the smell of pancakes were just to enticing. Our chefs managed to get us all out of bed in time to eat and be on our way to the Playgrounds. The Playgrounds isn’t actually metal but a formation of rocks that protects an amazing reef. We went on one of our last research dives. Sam aka “Bubbles” picked us up in Stealth, a very scary dinghy to get a ride in especially in scuba gear. All of us were sore from the hike yesterday and exhausted so although we have a large project due soon we procrastinated and hung in the sun and jumped off the bow. The boys, all except Mel, went over to a beautiful little island with soft white sand. Tonight though we will all be cramming to get all our work done on time. Tonight there’s a Lifeworks which I find really fulfilling. Not ready to go home anytime soon. Looking forward to more dives tomorrow.

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