The Question You Should Be Asking

Posted: Thu, Jan 26, 2017

ActionQuest Staff member Shaun Swartz spends a few weeks each year on the road spreading the word about the incredible journeys ahead for those enrolled in a voyage with ActionQuest. Below, he shares some of his thoughts from his experiences on the road:

One of the most common questions I hear when telling people about ActionQuest is, “What are the questions I should be asking you right now?” Questions regarding the management of risk during a program or about how often students are able to communicate with their parents are some of the immediate questions that come to mind – yet these are the easy questions.

The most difficult questions, consequently, are the ones we turn inwards and ask ourselves.

What are you hoping your child will accomplish by attending a summer program? What strengths does your child have, and where can they improve? Are you looking for an environment in which your child can be guided out of their comfort zone in such a way that self-discovery and personal growth are a priority?

ActionQuest is an incredible opportunity to expose your child to their true potential; It’s an avenue through which thousands of alumni have gained new skills, formed lasting friendships, and developed an unshakable confidence in their ability to succeed. One question becomes evident: What steps will you take to prepare your child for success in life?