Day 2- The Voyage Begins

Posted: Fri, Aug 1, 2014




IMGP0146Location: Spanishtown, Virgin Gorda
Author: Santiago O.
After a hearty breakfast of corn flakes and an inspiring inaugural talk by camp master Mike, Gemini set sail off of Tortola’s West End. After beginning aided by the engine, we proceeded to sail with the full capacity of the boat. Then after a gourmet sandwich lunch, we stopped at a beautiful cave to take our swimming tests. There was complaining about salty water by some of the girls but the hardships were forgotten after the eighth lap around the boat. We tread water and afterwards became pristine with a salt water shower in the gorgeous Caribbean afternoon. We then proceeded to sail for a while again and then motored on towards Virgin Gorda’s Spanishtown. On our way there, Changes, another boat from the AQ fleet, came close to us and naturally a dance-off ensued. Beats dropped behinds shook, everyone had a jolly time- though Gemini obviously won. Then upon our arrival to Spanishtown, we ate Sloppy Joe’s- extra sloppy, by request of the crew- and continued with a good talk and the evening’s duties.