Wreck hunting in and around Landsort

Posted: Sun, Jul 21, 2013

Over the course of two days using the side-scan sonar we identified several targets as potential wreck sites near the Landsrt area. Tom and Jon dove in an area we believed to be the site of the Rita, a German, iron-hulled vessel that sank in the 1950s. They reached a depth of around 100 ft. and identified a debris field suggesting the presence of the shipwreck but were unable to locate the bow section that was identified in the side-scan data. Temperature on the bottom was a brisk 44 degrees.

This morning the crew of the M/V Andromeda woke up bright and early to don our cold-water gear and jump into the Baltic to dive and locate two shipwrecks noted on our charts. The first, located near a small island named Strmskar. Four divers were sent in to survey the area. Jon and Sarah searched close to the rock cliffs looking for debris and Tom and Travis searched farther and deeper from shore so more area could be covered. The search turned up an approximately 16 ft. small, modern craft that was broken in half and strewn across the bottom. Not exactly what we were looking for but at least we identified some wreckage on the bottom. Water temps on this dive got down to the mid 40s!

On our second dive we explored the wreck of the Trubbnos Severn, two-masted brig that sank in 1834 off the coast of Soviken, a small island near Krogen. She is located in 9-10 meters of water very close to shore. She is well preserved with most of her hull intact although most of her deck planking and beams have caved in and spread around the site. Visibility on both dives was around 20 ft and water temperatures ranged between 54 degrees and 62 degrees.

Next stop on our adventure, Kalmar!