Other Cool Stuff


Think that's all we do at AQ? No way.

Aside from the beach BBQ's and reggae dance parties, you'll learn to drive a dinghy, tie knots, spice a line, sail a laser and even cook for 16 people at a time! Every moment of every day will be jammed packed with cool stuff to do, see and experience... part of your seamanship instruction will have you making turk’s heads and monkey’s fists, demonstrating docking procedures or even learning some navigational stars.

Cooking at AQ is an experience in itself. You will astound your family and friends when you return home and show them what you can do with a stovetop burner and one giant cooking pot! Feeding 15 people is no mean feat. By the end of three weeks, living on a boat will seem like second nature. Along with driving the dinghy and using the VHF, you will find yourself being a much more confident crew member.

The other cool stuff will be the spontaneous and unique experiences of your crew, group or destination. It can be anything from a toga party to a Saltine cracker-eating competition, from a chance history lesson from a local, to an unexpected dolphin encounter. Whatever it is, it will be the stuff that memories are made of.

Your experience will be whatever you and your crew bring to it.