Community Service


Some select ActionQuest voyages incorporate between 20 and 40 community service hours so shipmates can give back to the community they are visiting.

Any of the community service projects that we undertake are in collaboration with already established local organizations, making them very real and very needed. They range from human to environmental based, and most of our programs incorporate a combination of the two. This, in turn, leads to a rewarding experience for all involved.

Each location offers something unique, both in the community service projects that we undertake as well as in the cultures within which we become immersed. AQ offers a range of international community service options in the British Virgin Islands, Galapagos and Australia.

The types of service we get involved with...

ActionQuest Community Service British Virgin Islands

Quest: The BVI is home to miles of coral reefs and in collaboration with the Marine Parks Authority and the Department of Conservation, we will work together as a crew to help to protect the more sensitive reefs and their wildlife.

ActionQuest Community Service Australia

Billabong: Along with diving the Great Barrier Reef, sailing the Whitsunday Islands, and touring the Sydney Opera House, our Australian explorers still find time to give a little back, by helping indigenous landowners restore damaged habitats.

ActionQuest Community Service Galapagos

Darwin: In the Galapagos Archipelago, we'll spend time with the National Parks Rangers to help remove invasive plant species and we'll also visit with children in schools and community centers to run programs, play games, and make crafts.

ActionQuest Community Service Peru

Inca: In Cuzco, we work with children and adolescent mothers at Casa Mantay. We help with daily tasks, play with the children, and take on some larger scale construction projects. Between mountain biking, whitewater rafting, paddle boarding and visiting Machu Picchu - students take time to address rural poverty in ongoing community development projects.

Whether participating in a turtle tagging and release project in the BVI, removing non-native species from Aboriginal land in Australia or brightening a school with fresh paint in the Galapagos, the rewards are huge.

For those who might be looking for a community service focused program, logging 100 hours or more, take a look at AQ's community service arm, GoBeyond Student Travel.

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