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You have been selected as someone able to give a reference for a staff applicant.

The individual has applied to work for ActionQuest worldwide summer adventures. Our programs are designed to teach sailing and scuba diving while promoting personal growth through teamwork. For the duration of the voyage, staff and students live aboard 50-foot sailing yachts. By virtue of the onboard activities and close living conditions and limited time off, there will be times when our staff may become both physically and mentally fatigued. Our staff must be mature and able to live, work and operate effectively within such an environment.

Bearing this in mind, please take a moment to evaluate the applicant for each of the following characteristics by indication the statement that, in your judgment, best describes your view. I assure you that any information gained will be kept strictly confidential, and we encourage you to be fair and honest in your evaluation.

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Your Reference

1. ABILITY & PROFESSIONALISM : Specific to the individual's qualifications
Limited OK, needs improvement Good High Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

2. ATTITUDE:  looks for the best in every situation

Usually bad Sometimes bad Usually good Always good Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

3. INTEGRITY: Honesty with others and himself/herself

Usually dishonest Sometimes dishonest Usually honest Unquestioned integrity Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

4. WORK ETHIC & SELF-DISCIPLINE: Application to a task and perseverance

Lazy Tends to be lazy Industrious Very industrious Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

5. MATURITY: Knows and accepts self, adaptable, tolerant

Very immature Somewhat immature Mature Very mature Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

6. TEAM EFFORT: Ability to work together with others, abides by requests of those in charge

Usually uncooperative Sometimes uncooperative Usually cooperative Very cooperative Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

7. INITIATIVE: Motivated, independent, resourceful

Constantly requires motivation Needs some motivation Self motivated Exceedingly resourceful and motivated Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

8. APPEARANCE & LANGUAGE: Dress & Vocabulary

Usually Inappropriate Sometimes Inappropriate Usually appropriate Always appropriate Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

9. DEPORTMENT: Social behavior, ability to get along with others

Often discourteous Sometimes discourteous Usually courteous Always courteous Not able to evaluate


Any comments?

10. LEADERSHIP: Ability to influence and guide others

No ability to lead Average ability to lead A good leader Outstanding leader Not able to evaluate


Any comments?


11. At any time during his/her employment with you, did you notice or suspect any problems with drugs or alcohol?

    Yes No

Please tell us a little more about this...

12. Has this applicant ever been an employee of yours?    Yes No

Please tell us the circumstance under which the applicant left your employ....

13. Anything else that you think we should be aware of when considering hiring this individual to work with youth?

     Yes No

Please tell us a little more about why you feel this way...


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