The AQ Team


This isn't our first rodeo... or even our first circumnavigation. We've been sailing the world's oceans for over 40 years. We do it because it's not just what we love- it's who we are.

Like you, we're curious--so seeing and doing are part of our learning curve.

So is the commitment to continuously push ourselves and our crew to new heights. And like you, we're as diverse as the destinations we travel. We come from all different backgrounds--Captains, Scuba Instructors, Marine Biologists, EMTs, ... Many of our team came to AQ as a teen or even to Sea|mester to study abroad in college before finding their way back, realizing that their life's work was right here. Regardless of how we arrived or where we came from, we share a desire to teach, discover and evolve. It's probably why we chose ActionQuest over a 9-to-5 gig in the first place. Deep down, everyone wants to set their own course.

Mike Meighan - Director

Mike MeighanMike's love of the sea lured him to scuba diving and sailing at the age of 15. At 18, he voyaged throughout the Mediterranean and taught diving internationally before entering Southampton University in the UK. He graduated with a First Class Joint Honors degree in Oceanography and Marine Biology.

In 1995, Mike assumed the role of ActionQuest marine biologist, oceanographer and scuba instructor. Over the years, his love for experiential learning and the AQ programs led him to become involved in all aspects of operations. His passion for teaching traditional academics in an experiential way led to the development of Sea|mester in 1998.

Today, Mike directs all operations and activities in addition to developing new voyages, programs and course curriculums. He sails with the BVI ActionQuest and Lifeworks programs full-time each summer.

The Meighan family has a deep-rooted affection for the water. Mike's wife, Jo, spent several summers as a PADI diving instructor with AQ in the BVI, and works in the Sarasota office part-time. Mike and Jo live in Sarasota with their sons, Joshua and Kai, who are naturally fond of the water and sail with the family in the BVI each summer.

Jim Stoll - Founder

Jim StollJim spent much of his youth aboard boats. As a young man, he became an avid ocean racer crewing many times aboard legendary racing yachts like Jack Eckerd's Panacea, S.A. Long's Ondine and Jim Kilroy's Kialoa. In 1970, Jim and his wife, Elske, became owners and captains of the 156-ft. schoolship Te Vega, sailing with her sister-ship, the 175-ft. Te Quest. This is where Jim first combined his passion for the ocean and years of experience to teach young adults sailing and hands-on academics. After 12 years and 50,000 miles of cruising throughout European, Mediterranean, South American and Caribbean waters, the Stolls moved ashore with their children, Carina and Jason.

Jim revisited his passion for working with teenagers when he established ActionQuest. The non-traditional programs challenged young adults with high-action adventure and personal growth. The concept was so successful that similar programs like Sea|mester and Lifeworks were developed to further serve teenagers and young adults.

The Team

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