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Just follow the steps below to enroll in the adventure of a lifetime.

Apply Step 1

Select your voyage.

There are countless journeys to choose from with a range of activities and destinations. Select the one that's right for you.

Apply Step 2

Complete the online application form

We have created a quick and easy online enrollment form that helps us rapidly process your registration. On the third page there will be a spot for the AQ Ad Code. Enter AQBOO, and $400 will be taken off your Enrollment. Click Here to get started.

Apply Step 3

Print & sign the application

Once the enrollment form is complete, be sure to submit it, then print out a copy so that you can have a parent or guardian sign it if you are under the age of 18. Enrollment terms & conditions and medical & liability release information can be found HERE

Apply Step 4

Mail us the signed original

Postal address
P.O. Box 5517
Sarasota, Florida 34277

Overnight delivery
1819 Glengary St.
Sarasota, Florida 34231

Apply Step 5

Book your flight

We highly recommend that students flying to the Caribbean book through Leah Hernandez of TRC Travel Center. Leah will arrange group seating and provide close monitoring on travel days in case of flight difficulties. For more information on flight itineraries and travel information, please contact...

Leah Hernandez.
Tel: 800.329.9000 (Texas 281.419.4122)
Email: leahctn68@hotmail.com