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Posted: Fri, Jul 24, 2015

Cry, Bye, Fly Day

Location: Nice, France
Author: Kimi T.
Today it all came to an end… or did it? True, our time on Argo as 29 crew members (plus our favorite cactus, Bert) is over. The bags are packed, the tickets have been bought, and everyone is off to either continue traveling for a bit, or back home to get ready for the next school year. Yet it is also true that we are all parting ways knowing 28 people with whom we’ve likely spent more time with than some of our relatives or classmates at home. We are parting with experiences that only we, as a crew will be able to recollect and relate to -and through it all, we’ve all grown. No, this isn’t the end, rather, as cheesy as it might sound, it’s the beginning. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of adventures, new experiences and chances to see familiar faces again and again. We didn’t say goodbye to each other today. We said ‘see you later.’ With this we close, but as I said, we’ll see you again sometime!

Posted: Thu, Jul 23, 2015


Location: Nice, France
Author: Ben D.

Today we started on the final Boat Appreciation. Up the rigging, down in the bilges, even inside the freezer – wherever you looked shipmates could be found cleaning and polishing. The result was a ship that buzzed with activity and sparkled and glistened in the sun. At the end of the day, every single person on board could look back and feel proud about how well they have looked after Argo, not just today, but over the last 50 days. In return Argo has looked after them. This is the end of a 4500nm passage from the Caribbean to Europe. Friendships and memories have been made that will last a lifetime.

As we go back to our homes we will try to share what we saw, how we felt and what we learned with our friends and families. This has been an awesome adventure and there are some great photos we can show you, but there are so many things we will find difficult to fully explain. How we now deeply appreciate things we had never given a second thought about before. How much more pride and respect we have for ourselves. What happens when you just throw your whole life at something so vast and completely new. How we now look at the world with new eyes, full of possibilities and opportunities rather than problems or changes to be feared.

One shipmate told of how, upon arriving in Nice, he had gone ashore to use the public toilets. They were in a real mess. Before the trip he would have turned around, gone to find a different toilet and left the mess for the next person. Instead he found himself cleaning it so that the next person would not have to deal with it. What if everyone viewed the world like that?

I am so proud to have spent the last 48 days with these 28 other people. We have all learned from each other and grown together. I will miss all of them a lot when we go our separate ways tomorrow but each one has had an impact on me that will stay with me forever.

Posted: Wed, Jul 22, 2015

It’s Nice To Be In Nice

Location: Nice, France
Author: Julia S.

Today was a very busy but exciting day in Nice. We left Villefranche and then docked in Nice. It was interesting to Mediterranean moor the boat, which means that Argo’s stern is the only part of the boat against the dock. Holding the fenders, we ran across the deck to make sure Argo did not touch the two other boats near it. After we docked, we had a whole free day. Many of us hiked to the fort that’s on one of Nice’s hills. It wasn’t a very long hike, but it was beautiful. There were so many views that most of us stopped at least a dozen times to take pictures. There was a waterfall on the top of the mountain and it overlooked all of Nice. Some shipmates walked around the city, ate some amazing bagel hamburgers and walked to see beautiful views while others went to the beach, ate Gelato and roller skated on the boardwalk. It’s going to be difficult to leave this city, but it’s going to be even more difficult to leave our home.
Even though we have only lived on this boat for 48 days, Argo truly is our home. We have lived in cramped headquarters, have been awake at ungodly hours and have probably driven each other crazy, but that’s what families do. We have seen each other have good days and bad days and we have seen each other make mistakes. Without this Argo family, we would not have learned how to rig/flake the sails, raise/lower the dinghy, help keep everyone safe and so much more. Argo is like a blank piece of paper; each crew can fold it in so many different ways. The piece of paper can either turn into a crumbled ball and be completely unproductive, or it can turn into something productive, insightful and beautiful. I think all 29 of us have turned that piece of paper into something amazing–maybe even a paper boat–strong, knowledgeable and together.

Posted: Tue, Jul 21, 2015

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Location: Villefranche, France
Author: Alyssa R.

Hello everyone. Today was another good day for the crew of Argo, especially since we had the chance to visit Monaco today. However, for most of us the day started much earlier than our 7am wake up because of anchor watch. Anchor watch, for those of you who don’t know, takes place during the night while we are anchored, and we watch the anchor to make sure that Argo and the anchor do not start drifting during the night. So for me personally, my day started at 4am. After a delicious breakfast of poppy seed bread, we got ready to set off. The preparations to go to land today were fairly similar to any other day besides the fact that the majority of us were getting dressed up for the day. Attire ranged from casual boat wear to full suits. We arrived at land in style via a dinghy ride, where we then took the train to Monaco.

Once arriving we arrived, we walked the streets where the Grand Prix happens to get to the Oceanographic Museum. The museum was a pretty cool place, a mixture of aquarium and museum. After the museum, we started splitting up to go explore Monaco. Collectively, we saw everything from the Castle, to the prince of Monaco’s personal car collection, gorgeous boats and the Montecarlo Casinos. The car collection was one of the coolest things I saw; it had everything from buggies to formula one race cars. The yachts that we saw were all very impressive. We were proud to say that Argo would not have looked out of place had we been docked there. The casinos seemed much like any other casino, except housed in a nicer building than most.

We returned home to Argo, and living just like the rich and famous we jumped overboard to do our showers. It was our first time doing night swimming and would have been a great experience except for the fact that the heads were not hooked up to the black water tank. That basically means, that the head content goes straight overboard as opposed to in a tank. Unfortunately, our swim ladder was directly in the crossfire.

All in all though, the crew had an excellent day and are excited to go to Nice tomorrow.

Posted: Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Savoring Every Last Drop Of It All

Location: Villefranche, France
Author: Anastacia M.
Our final day underway is drawing to a close as we approach Villefranche and prepare to set the anchor one last time. A mysterious shift has occurred in the attitude of Argo’s crew and what shipmates once bemoaned as the hardships of life aboard are now universally lauded as its most attractive selling points. No notice is taken of irreparably confused sleep schedules. Instead we enthusiastically discuss the value of being awake in the small hours of the morning and the entirely rational conversations that take place whilst staring at the sky overflowing with stars. A reference to cramped living quarters would be met with confused looks, but any shipmate would leap to endorse the close bonds built when one can reach any personal item of one’s own or one’s cabin-mate without moving from one’s bunk. Similarly, impersonal modern day practices like alarm clocks are considered inferior to the thoughtful touch of a personalized singing wake up at 6:00 am. In all seriousness, though, we’ve come to love life aboard, and no one is quite ready to give it up. As this is written we are preparing to flake the staysails once more, having enjoyed the wonders of Spam musubi courtesy of Kimi’s culinary genius for dinner, and settle in for a precious few last days on Argo.

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