BVI: Session 2 - Sambamba

Posted: Thu, Jul 20, 2017

One Heck of a Day

Location: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
Author: Brooke E.
Today was a fun rotation day where we all finally became official open water certified divers. The day started off with a breakfast of eggs and banana nut muffins, followed by quickly heading off in the dinghy for a morning of our last open water dives before we became certified! Everyone did awesomely and we saw stingrays and lionfish in the reef. After that, we had a lunch of soup and saltines before heading off to Pico sailing pirate race where we raced against the opposing team trying to get treasures out of the water and onto our Pico for points. After that, we had a chill watersports afternoon with wakeboarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Currently, we are sailing over to the beach barbecue which is sure to be a fun night.

Posted: Wed, Jul 19, 2017

One Scrumptious Day

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Jason G.
We started the day with a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes and syrup. We filled up our water tanks then headed off to our destination of Trellis Bay for a delicious lunch and snack fill up. Then we set off for an amazing sailing experience while telling some fun, tricky riddles. Then we arrived at the beautiful Muskmelon Bay for dinner and squeeze. We ended our day with the beautiful sunset and movie night with our sister ship Portlandia, while the advanced sailors headed out for a night sail. All in all, it was a great, relaxed, and enjoyable day.

Posted: Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Day 11

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Yoav R.
Today we finally left Mountain Point after three days, and went waterskiing, scuba diving, sailing, and stopped on shore for lunch. As soon as we left our anchorage we started man overboard drills. We then sailed to George Dog where we ate quesadillas and went for a little swim. Next, we set sail to Marina Cay where we set anchor for the night. We also took freshwater showers. After showers, we scrubbed the entire boat, and when I say entire I mean everything. We went to a Lifeworks meeting with the entire camp.

Posted: Mon, Jul 17, 2017

Day 10

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Jack C.
We woke up to a fantastic breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and yogurt. Then we went to Aeolus to learn to tie Turk’s Head knots and we all made some dope-a-licious bracelets and anklets. Then we took our final written scuba test and we all passed, which was pretty fresh. Then we headed over to Sailing Curls to eat lunch and get ready for our first open water dive. Seeing all the coral underwater took my breath away (not literally though, I would have died) and we practiced all of our dive skills and finished our dive. Then we got back to our boat and had a Thanksgiving meal.

Posted: Sun, Jul 16, 2017

Day 9

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Toby P.
I started off the day by waking up last. We had some tasty fresh breakfast burritos. It was pretty dope. Next, we learned how to navigate with pro navigator Casey. Then we went to go sail small boats called Picos. Those are some pretty nice boats. Not long after sailing the Picos we had one tasty fresh grilled kinds of cheese. Next, we went to tie monkey’s fist knots. Monkey’s fists look like volleyball knots. Next, we did watersports and I got some fresh videos. After that, we went to do confined water dives four and five, which were fun. Tonight we had chicken, salad, risotto, and corn. Hopefully, we will have a good night’s sleep and see some tarpon. Good evening and have a nice day.

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