BVI: Session 2 - Caribbean Soul Too

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2016

Day 16- A Beachy Day

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Gabriel G.
After a fun BBQ and party last night, we headed to bed at 11. Luckily we got to sleep in late after that late night, although we were still up by 7:15 am. Shortly after we woke up, the staff left for a meeting, leaving the responsibility of cleaning the food up. So we began by putting the blue lagoon away and then making delicious French toast. We all did our jobs well and we soon went to go start our sailing practical! We were about to leave Sydneys Peace and Love when we realized that our main halyard was broken, so then we had to fix it! We finished our sail practical and then sailed to Sandy Spit. When we got there we had lunch, which was BBQ ranch chicken wraps and PB and J. Then after Boat Appreciation, we took the dinghy to Sandy Spit where we met up with all the other boats. We all socialized and hung out for a couple of hours. We then headed back to the boat for a quick dip and shower before having an amazing dinner of frank and beans. We will now have a Lifeworks chat with Mike and tomorrow will be a great day!

Posted: Thu, Jul 21, 2016

Day 15

Location: Sidney’s, Jost van Dyke
Author: Graham H.
Today after a long night hanging out with Calypso, we had to wake up at 6 to enter Lava and head to the dock to start our hike. The hike was particularly memorable due to the twenty-minute extremely vertical hill. After the hike we were able to get two hours of town time. After our time, we motored over to Sandy Cay and began our sandcastle building competition. We created Terry the turtle. He was completed then we were able to play in the water. Todays dinner is a BBQ, which by the time I have finished writing this, will have begun! Cant wait for tomorrow!

Posted: Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Day 14- We’re Certified

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Ariel M.
Today was absolutely fabulous! We started our day with a quick and easy bowl of cereal. After that, we hopping in our dinghy Lava and took a quick cruise over to Calypso to do some Pico sailing. We had a bit of a game changer in our schedule, instead of doing Picos we had a sail chat. Once sail chat was over, some of us jumped into a super dinghy for knee boarding and wakeboarding. Shout out to Julie and Paul who kicked some waves while knee boarding. Diving into our 4th open water dive, we got into the water to see some pretty amazing aquatic life. We even saw a pod of squid. We are now officially open water scuba certified! I am so happy to see all of our hard work pay off. After all that excitement we needed a lunch break. Thank you to the chefs who made some amazing deli sandwiches. After that we sailed to fuel our boat at Cane Garden Bay. Next we had a few hours to chillax. After about 2 hours, the rest of the chefs Carolina and Julie, as well as Charlie and myself started to cook dinner. It was a fun experience because we got to cook it all by ourselves. We had some success and a few troubles. It all turned out well besides making 60 servings of chicken! We also put way too much water with the chicken and there were serious jokes and puns made about drowning the chicken. Since we did our sail chat earlier tonight, we will go and watch a movie with Calypso! All together, today was a great day!

Posted: Tue, Jul 19, 2016

Day 13- A Fun Day

Location: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
Author: Paul S.
Today was probably the best day of the trip. We woke up at Guana Island with some music and then the chefs started to cook. They made scrambled eggs and cereal. It was a rotation day. Our first rotation was watching a movie about an around the world trip by a young girl, it was very interesting. Our second rotation was learning how to do a Turk’s Head bracelet. We all did one on our hands or our ankles. Then we had some soup for lunch and did clean up. The next rotation was watersports and we all did some awesome tricks and flips. Some were knee boarding and some went wakeboarding. The last rotation was scuba diving! Everyone saw some awesome animals. The best thing was the BBQ! I made some friends and learned some more about my fellow crew. I cant wait for tomorrow!!

Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2016

Day 12- Boom Swing

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Carolina A.
Today was a great day! We did a bunch of stuff that was so much fun. Muskmelon is a beautiful place and the water is super clear. We put the boom out and we swung from a rope to the water, we also had very funny competitions between Gabriel and our counselor Fritz to see who could climb the rope and touch the top of the boom faster. After that we got prepared and had some great food so we could get energy to do our 2nd open water dive. Diving was loads if fun we did some skills and swam around. We gout our laundry back as well. That was a highlight of the day for sure. We then got the boat all cleaned up and had dinner. For our activity of the night we had a Lifeworks with Jess, it was very interesting and fun. We learned a lot but the best part was that we got brownies! She was very nice and made us some. Tomorrow will be great!!

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