BVI: Session 2 - Caribbean Soul Too

Posted: Tue, Jul 26, 2016

Day 20- Race Day Magic

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Rocco C.
We woke up and had cereal for breakfast. Then I went with Jess to the skippers meeting and learned where the race would be. I also learned the rules of the race. Then we dropped the mooring ball and headed to the start line. Next the race started. I was on the helm for the start. We were fifth in the line. We had some trouble with sail trimming but finally got it. We rounded the mark just ahead of Squeaky Brat but didn’t have much luck. We crossed the finish line, furled the jib and dropped the main. Then we headed back to the West End dock. We packed while we motored and clean. Then we had lunch onshore and town time. We took dock showers and had a magical closing meeting with Mike and BBQ with all our boat family friends. I’m going to miss my Caribbean Soul boat family, but am excited for adventures to come.

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2016

Day 19- Wreck Of The Rhone

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Julie F.
Today has been an exciting day! This morning we went to Salt Island and to the salt ponds. The salt ponds are ponds with salt sitting on the shore. We then hiked up the hills to a magnificent view. You could see out for miles. That was a special part of the trip. Once we all got home, we got ready for scuba diving, which was a special dive. In the 1800s the Rhone hit a rock and sank in a storm. Its a very famous wreck and we were lucky enough to visit it. It was a spectacular! We got to swim `through a part of the boat where we saw a huge fish and a ton of beautiful coral. We both surfaced and now we are cooking dinner without the counselors help (wish us luck)! We are doing cards; its a way of wrapping up our time here. It has gone by so fast! Parents, we are so excited to see you! Switching back 72!

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Day 18- Happy Birthday Ariel

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Charlie G.
Today was an amazing day! It was Ariels birthday and everyone did everything in his or her power to make it the best birthday ever. We were able to sleep in this morning; we got up at 8am. We had a very nice breakfast of pancakes with syrup. After that, we took on our sailing tests and we were victorious. It felt so cool to finally become official members of the Caribbean Soul Too crew. After an hour of successful test taking, we were off to Road Town. We picked up a mooring ball and took a dinghy into the dock. Everyone was hungry so we went straight to the restaurant. It was so much fun to eat lunch with all of my friends from other boats! After eating, I went right to the grocery store to buy some snacks. Then I went to the ice cream parlor. I had a delicious chocolate milkshake. It was so satisfying and refreshing. In between all of the fun thing everyone did on shore, we were able to contact home and have nice conversations with our family. It was then time to go back on the boat, so we hopped in a dinghy and drove back to Great Harbor. We then played a hilarious round of silent karaoke, all of us were singing to Taylor Swift. I was laughing my head off. Once we got there, we had a fun swim time. Then everyone who wanted to was able to go knee boarding and wakeboarding. Paul got so much air! Dinner was ready when the boarders got back. We had breakfast for dinner, which was awesome! We are now going to do a night swim and movie night with kids from Calypso. All in celebration of Ariels birthday! Today was a great day, I cant wait for tomorrow!

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2016

Day 17- Race Day!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ella G.
Today was by far one of the best days! We started our day off with an early breakfast that consisted of oatmeal and cereal. After breakfast, Julie and I went to a meeting for skippers to get briefed about the racecourse that we were about to dominate. We discussed the chart and where we were racing, shortly after that, we pulled the anchor up and we were smooth sailing. Our first race was a good starting point that helped us learn many lessons to improve our sailing and teamwork. After that we went to port and enjoyed some delicious food and refreshing drinks. We also had the opportunity to shop and buy some ice cream. We then hang out with our friends and then hopped back in the dinghy to go back to Caribbean Soul Too. We prepared ourselves for the second race of the day that consisted of many tacks and concentration. We all worked on something, whether that meant sitting on the high side of the boat trying to balance the boat out, helming, trimming the main or jib. After a long sail we finally completed the course and came in 5th place. Although we did not come in first, we all know that we worked our hardest to make it memorable. We then anchored the boat and began a wonderful and extravagant dinner. Tonights dinner was Mexican night, which included tortillas, beans, rice, meat, salad, and of course veggies. The food was adored by everyone, we made our way though cleaning quickly and then we studied with Fritz for a big final sail exam while waiting for Wondy and Jess to return from their night dive. After that we were rewarded with a game of silent karaoke. Later on, we were off to bed after an exhausting day and thought about the wonderful day that we will have tomorrow!

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