BVI: Session 1 - Squeaky Brat

Posted: Thu, Jun 29, 2017

Certification Day

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Will H.
Today has been a super exciting day! We woke up at around 6:45 and got straight to business. The Squeaky family quickly ate oatmeal and went to our dive catamaran,
Catalinaville, and got to work. The open water divers finished up their last skills, while the advanced students experimented with eggs and a glove. The eggs looked and felt really interesting so deep down, and one of the yolks popped like a bubble! All the divers on Squeakybrat got certified today! We have four new advanced open water divers and 7 new open water divers! Now all thats left is sailing! After the dives, the Squeakies motored over to West End to get more water, and then to Cane Garden Bay. It started raining when we arrived, and our tuna salad sandwiches got all wet while we were trying to eat them! We finally settled down for an interesting sail chat, and later ate a delectable dinner of Thai chicken and rice. While dinner was being prepared, we saw two dolphins swimming around the bow of our boat!! To sum it up, today has been an awesome day, and was all so excited about getting certified! I cant wait until tomorrow for the hike and BBQ!

Posted: Wed, Jun 28, 2017

Day 13

Location: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
Author: Eric N.
Waking up to a nice ocean breeze on the 13 day of ActionQuest was very peaceful. Knowing Im Skipper, head of the boat, I immediately got my chefs to make the boat some scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins, very delicious! After our occasionally fast clean up, Jake from Wind Shadow showed us a very deep film on how some corals were dying in the Southeast and affecting human and animal life in Fiji. They found out that the ocean warming, just by 2 degrees Fahrenheit, killed a series of corals. Then after watching that we had a sail chat on the deck and got filled with information about models of boats way back when and why we got new and better sails. After the loads of info, we were able to jump in the water and cool down. Some of the boat stayed on and others, including me, went to do water sports. I did knee boarding and for me first time I did a successful 360!! When we got back on the boat and motored to beach ground and we had a barbecue! There was no music, but we had fun. We celebrated Emmas new job on a super yacht-teaching scuba with brownies, mmmmmmm. Then we all went to bed and we are all ready for an exciting day of ActionQuest tomorrow!!

Posted: Tue, Jun 27, 2017

Dive Day

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Misha P.
The day started at 7:00am. We had breakfast which was really good” it was pancakes with Oreos. It was super fun because the staff were at a meeting. When our staff got back, we went to another island for a fun day of SCUBA diving. We had quesadillas for lunch and they were awesome. While we were diving, we practiced our skills and did backflips in the water. My buddy was Colton and he did amazing. For the dinner we had chili and rice while we were eating we saw a VISAR (Virgina Island Search and Rescue). VISAR was training with GoBeyond, a program connected with ActionQuest. Today was totally radical. Live your life each day, as you would climb a mountain.

Posted: Mon, Jun 26, 2017

Sailing Day

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Colton Q.
Day 11 started at 7 oclock am. We woke up to the marvelous sky of the BVI. Next, we ate breakfast. For breakfast, we had cereal. Afterwards, we got ready for a fun day of sailing. We did sailing circles, man overboard drills and many other drills to help us get our sailing certifications. The man overboard drill was so much fun, and everyone passed! Next, we sailed to Marina Cay to fill up on gas and water. Since we filled up on water, we got our first fresh water shower! Because I was skipper, I got to take us off the dock, which was amazing experience and I didnt crash! We sailed to the island across from us, which was Beef Island. On the island, I ate lunch with all my friends. It was so fun and the food was great. We walked around the island and went to the grocery store, which was fun. After we got onboard, we sailed to Marina Cay. We ate dinner, which was tortellini and garlic bread. The food was so good. We ended the night with a Lifeworks program. We listened to a really touching CD. It really changed my view on how I should express my love to my family. Today was a blast, and I cant wait for tomorrow!

Posted: Sun, Jun 25, 2017

The Sailing Day

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Joca T.
This morning around 7 oclock, the Squeakybrats woke up and we all were woken up to a song like mostly every day, so right when everyone woke we went to the stern to eat breakfast we had bagels and cream cheese and yogurt. After that we went to La Bella Vita so we could got do water sports. It was so much fun! After that, we came back to Squeakybrat and went sailing and I went to helm because I am skipper. So we sailed for 2 and a half hours when we were done with sailing we came back to Squeakybrat and we just hung out but when we were done just hanging out we went over the La Bella Vita and the made a rope swing and I did a back flip off the rope! So we just kept doing that for, like 2 hours, then we came back to Squeakybrat, had a great dinner and then we went to bed. This is what every day is like at ActionQuest. It is the best. It was a good day.

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