BVI: Session 1 - Wind Shadow

Posted: Tue, Jun 27, 2017

Man Overboard Drills

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Reid S.
This morning we woke up to music again, like every morning. The difference was we were in Marina Cay. Once we finally got out of our hammocks and bunks, we began to formulate a breakfast of pancakes and Nutella. The best part: we got to take full responsibility and have breakfast without staff on the boat. We listened to music, talked deeply and listened to Samaras stories. When the staff returned from the meeting, we picked up anchor. We motored through a canal and passed Guana Island and Pull-up-and-be-damned Point. Then we raised our mainsail, completed our sailing circle and ate a lunch of quesadillas. We began our MOB (Man overboard Drills), which are always fun. We dropped a fender with a bucket attached and completed the figure 8 procedure for rescuing a MOB under sail. We later anchored in Muskmelon Bay and took videos of the best dives ever completed. After showers and drying off, we had chili and rice for dinner, which is always a favorite. We are looking forward to evening program tonight, and cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store!!

Posted: Mon, Jun 26, 2017

Everyone’s Turn at the Helm

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Claiborne P.
The day started off early at 6:30am. We had a delicious breakfast, which was cereal. Soon after breakfast, we set sail. I was the skipper so I sailed about half way to Tortola. Almost everyone got a chance to sail. We all practiced different skills such as putting the boat into broad reach, beam reach, and close haul, etc. The ride our there was beautiful with a nice breeze and some sun. We made a quick stop at Marina Cay to get some water from the boat. I had to dock the boat, which was pretty difficult. After we got water we got on a mooring ball at Trellis Bay to get some snacks and lunch. Everyone called home to mom and dad. Some also called some close friends. Some people got a deli sandwich and other got chicken. We then went back to Marina Cay. For dinner we had a great bowl of tortellini and garlic bread. We are now heading out to an evening activity with Mike and all the other boats. We are all excited to see what this trip brings next!

Posted: Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Day 10

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Kayleigh S.
This morning we woke up after a very relaxing slumber. The boat was already on the go for the day. We had a very relaxing breakfast, which consisted of bagels and yogurt on deck in our very beautiful anchorage of Mountain Point. Today is another of many rotation days, which concluded with Pico sailing (small boats), water sports, and our first open water dives in the afternoon. During the Pico, sailing many of my fellow Pico members tipped their boats. At the end, they ended the activity with a small race that my friend Alexander won with Samara. After the group split and had a fun time out on the waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. I successfully got up on the waterskis and had a nice ride through the BVI. Matthias also shredded in up pretty hard out there on the kneeboard. Rex made a great attempt with the wakeboard, while Samara spotted and took pictures. After a short time out on the water, we returned to the boat for grilled cheese, which was prepared, by Alexander and Reid. We prepared for our first open water dives. The dive was the best one yet! The scenery was amazing. The ocean floor
was filled with beautiful fish and covered with coral. The dive made everyone really excited for the upcoming dives. After the dive, we got a lift back. Emma, Claybourne, Samara and Reid. Reid prepared our Thanksgiving dinner, and it was one of the best, if not my favorite Thanksgivings yet. It ended with Jake, Emma and Reid jumping in the water and having our nightly squeeze up on the bow, which was of course Alexanders idea. The night ended with a dance party to some sick new beats and doing dishes. This evening, we will be having another sail chat in preparation for our exam. Today was an awesome day in the BVI.

A Philosophical Analysis of a Day in the BVI

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Alexander E.
This morning it was raining. The people sleeping in hammocks had to come downstairs into the cabin, the majority of the people sleeping had to batten down, or dog the hatches. It was an early start to an eventful day. Over the course of the day, we managed to finish all of our confined water dives. This included skills for both outside and submerged in the water that will pertain to the rest of our diving career. We also had a large sail chat that let us review our knots and learn new charting skills. After our long day, our wonderful chef Kayleigh and our sous chef Owen made risotto and Caesar salad for dinner. it was also a counselors birthday, so we got a vanilla cake with chocolate icing and skittles. It was another great day here in the BVI.

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