BVI: Session 1 - Wind Shadow

Posted: Sun, Jul 2, 2017

Race Day!

Location: Owen F.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today we woke up with relief that it hadn’t rained again! Everyone got up quickly. It was race day and everyone was excited. The chefs brought up the oatmeal and we began breakfast. After eating, we cleaned up before having a skipper’s meeting to discuss the race. After that, we began preparing to race. Every boat got in a line in a specific order determined by numbers we had drawn during the meeting. We started the first race of the day. It went by quickly since we just headed on a beam reach the entire way. After we got to West End, we had lunch and got ready for our second race. This race was much longer because we had to tack all the way up. After the race was over, we anchored in Great Harbor to spend the night. We ate dinner before heading below deck to have a sail chat. After that, we went to bed and hoped it wouldn’t rain this night either.

The Tiniest Island

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Supriya M.
Today was a slow start to the day. After concluding the previous night with a late beach barbecue, we all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. For breakfast, we had a scrumptious meal of French toast. Our staff, (Jake, Emma and Kayleigh), had a meeting so they werent included in our daily morning routine. As per usual, clean up was slow but we luckily finished in time before Jake, Emma, and Kayleigh returned to the boat from the dock. After waiting for all the other boats to leave the dock, we left Sydneys Peace and Love and made our way up to Sandy Spit. On our way there, Jake and Emma led a sailing lesson. This lesson included a variety of practical testing for our sailing certifications. After a long sail, we enjoyed chicken salad wraps along with peanut butter and apples. Next on our agenda, we had to clean our bathrooms. Once everything was sorted out and cleaned, we headed to a little island to spend a nice afternoon at the beach with the rest of the boats. The perimeter of the island was so small it allowed us to walk around it in 3 minutes. After spending about 3 hours swimming and socializing with other boat, we dinghied back to Wind Shadow. Right away, we had showers. Immediately after, we enjoyed a great dinner of franks and beans (hotdogs, beans, and rice) prepared by Jake. As I finish writing this, we are about to go to another boat (Moko Jumbie) and end the night with a Lifeworks Forum.

Posted: Thu, Jun 29, 2017

Rainy But Fun Day

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Nicole S.
We woke up to the sound of calming music, and started off with a delicious breakfast of oatmeal. After breakfast, we made these bracelets called Turk’s Heads to remember when we were at ActionQuest. We put the bracelets either on our wrists, ankles or water bottles. After, some of us went Picoing and one of us sat out. All of a sudden, it started raining! We then went inside and just talked and hung out. We then had a delicious lunch of tuna salad sandwiches and many other kinds of sandwiches. After lunch, we then relaxed more, set sail, and listened to fun music. It did rain a lot today, but we had fun overall. We are looking forward to the next few days of this trip!!!

Posted: Wed, Jun 28, 2017

Day 13

Location: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
We woke up today to the excellent smell of eggs and lemon muffins. Then we did water sports and watched a video on coral. Then it was time for lunch. Then it was finally time to dive. We became certified open water divers. When I got back to the boat, I was cold, hungry and excited for the beachside BBQ.

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