BVI: Session 1 - Calypso

Posted: Sun, Jun 26, 2016

Day 12- Diving The Dogs

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Moriah H.
On Sunday, June 26th the shipmates woke up bright and early to make delicious pancakes and start our day. We began our day by motoring for an hour to the Dog Islands. We all got into swimsuits and went over to a boat named Surprise to set up and get ready for our open water dive. We went down to 40 feet and explored coral reef formations even though we were not down for a long time, we saw a lot of beautiful fish. After we finished scuba diving, we ate lunch and then motored to Muskmelon Bay. We played some games and then took ocean showers. After we finish our dinner we are going to be participating in a Lifeworks Forum. Today was an incredible day and there will be so many more! I already feel like I have 5 more sisters and 6 more brothers.

Posted: Sat, Jun 25, 2016

Day 11- A Day Of Sailing

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Sophie L.
On June 25th the shipmates woke up bright and early and set sail. Before we set out for the high seas we ate oatmeal and then cleaned our dishes. When we started sailing everyone practiced man overboard drills and sailing circles so we would know what to do for our sailing exam. We finally came to Trellis Bay. Everyone walked around, ate lunch together and bought snacks for the boat. We anchored in the anchorage near the town soon after. We filled the boat with fresh water and bought a few more things at the store there. We ate tortellini and garlic bread for dinner. Now everyone is cleaning the dishes from dinner. After cleanup we are going to shore to listen to a Lifeworks talk led by Mike. The Lifeworks talks are always very interesting and really get you thinking. All in all, today was an amazing day, just like the others.

Posted: Fri, Jun 24, 2016

Day 10- The Bow Journey

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Madison M.
Today was definitely one of the most memorable days so far. For breakfast we had bagels, then we started another rotation day. From 8 to 10am we got to wakeboard and waterski. I learned how to ride outside of the wake and it was awesome. After that we did one of the most exciting things. We got to go open water diving for the first time! It was so cool to see fish and coral from a different perspective. We practiced more skills and used hand signals to communicate underwater. Next was the best part of the day, lunch! We had delicious grilled cheeses! They were so good! After lunch we went Pico sailing. Arden and I went together for the second time. We improved from last time. We might have capsized once or twice, but that’s part of the fun, right? Next was taking the scuba exam. In my opinion it was a little hard but if you paid attention you would do fine. For dinner we had chicken Caesar salad, risotto, and corn. It was so delicious. Mike joined us for dinner. Since I am the skipper I got to choose the squeeze question. The question was what college you want to go to, and why. After dinner Mike did an exercise with us where we chose cards that had a picture on them and saw how it represented good characteristics and not so good. In all, today was the best day so far.

Day 9- The Adventure Awaits

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Rachel M.
On the magical day of June the 23rd, 12 teenagers woke up, all very awake (sort of) and excited (mostly) for the day. It was another rotation day. The crew started by eating gourmet eggs and jumping into bathing suits. We headed out on our boat to learn about and practice our man overboard drills. We almost lost our dear friend Philip the fender, but we were successful in saving him. Next we went scuba diving and practiced skills while exploring and visiting Sponge Bob. After scuba skills with our divemaster buddies, we had lunch and practiced using mooring balls. Then we had a lesson on dive tables. These helped us set safe limits to our diving depth and time. Tonight we’re cleaning up our Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and stuffing). Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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