BVI: Session 1 - Midnatt Solen

Posted: Fri, Jun 17, 2016

Day 3- A Fun Day

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Jon G.
Today we started waking up to music being played by Alex. We got up and immediately had breakfast. After breakfast, we learned the second section of our scuba certification. We then set sail and went off to a new island. A few hours later, we stopped and had lunch and saw turtles. After lunch, we swam in the water and had lots of fun. We sailed to a new island after lunch and that took about an hour and a half. Mo and I made up stories while sitting on the bow. After we arrived, we jumped in the water again. We wake boarded, knee boarded, and just swam. After that, we had dinner. For dinner, we had hot dogs, pasta and garlic bread. After dinner, Jake asked me to write this blog and now I’m done.

Posted: Thu, Jun 16, 2016

Day 2- First Day Sailing

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Bella C.
I have never driven or sailed on a boat before this day, and it was definitely an exciting experience. I learned that I actually enjoy sailing and I have some talent with the sport. I learned different terms such as tacking, stern, bow, port, and starboard. Tacking was really fun, you turn the bow through the wind. After the long sailing adventure we went snorkeling in the caves, which was really refreshing and relaxing. We didn’t see many animals but it was still fun. For the next few we have to shower in the ocean, which is very different but I guess the island lifestyle. Overall I had a great day and I learned so many things from Jake, and Alex taught us how to do cool tricks underwater which made my day. I can’t wait to improve every day.

Posted: Wed, Jun 15, 2016

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Lawre
The staff of Midnatt Solen, Jake, Alex, and I are so excited to welcome all of our shipmates on day one of program! We have been here on the dock for the past twelve days preparing for program, readying the boats, and getting prepared for what is sure to be an awesome adventure! We cannot wait to meet all of our shipmates and to set sail throughout the BVI’s. We hope everyone is ready for a summer full of sailing, scuba, and lots of fun.
Here is an introduction to the crew of Midnatt Solen:
Jake: Skipper/Dive Instructor
Easily recognizable by the constant smile on his face, Jake coordinates half of the Vega fleet. Brought into diving by his mom, Jake has experience diving all over the world, from the murky, freezing waters of the Great Lakes to the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean. After retuning home from a life changing trip with ActionQuest in 2005, Jake knew he had to become involved with the program. Now as a skipper and PADI instructor, Jake strives to provide his shipmates with the same incredible experience he had as a student. Jake recently made the move to Sarasota, and manages enrollment and business development for ActionQuest.
Alex: Dive Instructor/ Mate
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Alexander has spent most of his life living in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from Carleton University in 2012, he became a certified Event Manager at Algonquin College. While working as a wedding and corporate DJ for over 6 years and managing a restaurant, he volunteered his spare time teaching teenagers and adults boxing at his local MMA gym. After the tragic passing of one of his friends, he decided to change his life. In March 2015, Alexander took up scuba diving. He went traveling, for the first time in his life, to Utila, Honduras where he completed his PADI Open Water and Advanced courses. He then came back to Canada to complete his Rescue and Divemaster training. By September, he was on his way to Thailand where he became a PADI Open Water and EFR Instructor, and then immediately a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Since then, he has worked with a prestigious live-aboard company in the Similan Islands. Alexanders passions include cooking, DJing, hiking, boxing, and scuba diving.
Lawre: Mate
Lawre, North Carolina native, is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she is studying International studies with an environmental concentration. At UNCW she is a midfielder on the club field hockey team and a member of the sailing team. Lawre is an extremely passionate water person with a particular enthusiasm for surfing, a sport she tries to travel for often. She is so excited for her second summer and can’t wait to join the Lifeworks crew!

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