BVI: Session 1 - Sailing Curls

Posted: Sat, Jun 24, 2017

Mountain Point Rotation Day

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Max K.
Today was one of the best days we’ve had yet! We had amazing weather today and had an awesome rotation day! We first did a fish ID dive for the advanced divers, while the open water, divers had more confined water dives. We saw lots of fish during the dive, such as filefish, parrotfish and snapper. We then learned about charts and navigation from Gwen. After that we sailed Picos where we had super fun relay races in pairs and alone, and a rain storm in between. The rest waterskied, kneeboarded, and wakeboarded, and learned knots while Max and Ben finished their navigation dives. We then did our very first night dive with the people from Erocibar, which was incredible! We saw eels, crabs and lots of cool fish! We had an amazing day at beautiful Mountain Point.

Posted: Fri, Jun 23, 2017

Sailing and Chill

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Soleh A.
Today we woke up late after the BBQ last night, ate a breakfast of oatmeal, and started off the day with our dive chats. The advanced divers learned about different types of fish and ways to identify them in preparation for our Fish ID dive. After the dive chats we headed over to Leverick Bay for a short shore excursion where everyone called home, ate lunch, and bought snacks. After that, we headed out away from Virgin Gorda and raised some sails. We sailed through the better part of the afternoon before tacking back to Virgin Gorda, this time to a spot called Mountain Point. There we dropped anchor, had swim and shower time, and then got ready for Mexican Night. After dinner, the staff cleaned up as fast as they possibly could so that we have to beat their time the next Mexican night. Now weve put on some music and everyones on the bow watching the sunset together, getting ready for another day of fun on the boat.

Posted: Thu, Jun 22, 2017


Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Laini S.
Today was an action packed day full of sailing and adventure. We started our day with French toast that brought sweet flashbacks of home. After that, we snorkeled the mangroves, a breeding ground from various species. Soleh is the exemplary snorkeler that we all look to for any snorkeling guidance. We then dinghy-drove to the Rhodes; Rhodes are 15 ft sailboats that work as good training vessels or beginning sailors. While we were sailing we had to do a man overboard drill. We named our man, a fender, Lil Pump. Then we sailed to a mooring ball where we hopped off and went to Pico sailing. Pico sailing is always a great way to bond with your crew because you go two people to a Pico. Its so great to see everyone bonding more and more! We all also got our coral conservation license today! Now were heading out to party it up at the all-fleet beach BBQ.

Posted: Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Welcome to Vixen Point

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Michael B.
Today was our first rotation day at Vixen Point. We started the day with a dinghy ride to a dive site named the Rhone cannon. Afterwards, we chilled on the beach. Diego and me climbed trees and collected coconuts. Cracked them open and ate the meat inside. Then we windsurfed for around two hours. We climbed back on the boat and learned to tie different knots. Then we ate dinner, which consisted of garden burgers, mashed potatoes and beans. We did our squeeze and are about to have a dive chat. It has been a great day and I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings us.

Posted: Mon, Jun 19, 2017

First Rotation Day

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Bella E.
Today was our first rotation day of the session. It was easily the most hectic and fun day so far. Our day started early at 6 AM this morning. We all rushed to get dressed and have breakfast before we went off to our first dive! After we cleaned up and thoroughly applied sunscreen, we were off to get our gear ready for our dive. Both dives of the day set an incredibly high bar for the rest of the session! We saw beautiful coral and even witnessed a stingray in its natural habitat! Once we got all our gear put away we all came back for a quick lunch of amazingly satisfying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After yet another layer of sunscreen, we were shuttled to our next rotation. We got to spend a really fun two hours windsurfing and swimming on the gorgeous beach that we are anchored at. Then, we went to dinghy school and water sports! Most of us got up on the wakeboard after a couple tries. We all had a few turns learning how to safely drive the dinghies. Finally, we showered and had dinner. Now we are waiting to go to our first Lifeworks talk. Cant wait to see how tomorrow will top this day!

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