BVI: Session 2 - Squeaky Brat

Posted: Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Race Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Sydney H.
Today we were woken up earlier than expected and had to clean the boat before the first race started. Once the boat was clean to Griff’s standards, we lined up by Sandy Cay with the other ActionQuest boats for the first race. We sailed down to West End and finished in second place. We were then given shore time to get lunch and go to the shops on the harbor. After lunch, we got ready to sail again for the second race. We went from West End to Peter Island. Throughout this race, we had to tack multiple times and managed to come in second place again; giving us the best race record of the day. Everyone enjoyed the chance to put all the skills we have been learning over the past 16 days into play and came out of both races with great outcomes. Once we pulled into Great Harbor, we anchored, had dinner and completed our final sail chat. We all enjoyed getting to sail as a team today and are looking forward to the last few adventures we have together!

Posted: Sun, Jul 23, 2017


Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Amanda N.
This morning we woke up to a French Toast breakfast while the staff was at a meeting. Once they came back from the meeting the boys threw water balloons at them and then we set sail. While sailing we were able to practice our skills for our sailing practical. Once we felt comfortable in our skills we dropped anchor at Sandy Spit. We then went to the beach and explored the beautiful island. We stayed for about 4 hours just chilling out and having fun with our friends. After we went back to the boat to eat dinner and we ended off the night with a knot test and Lifeworks.

Hiking Mt. Sage

Location: Sydney’s, Jost van Dyke
Author: Amelia R.
We woke up super early so that we could get a head start to hike the tallest mountain in the BVI. The hike was a lot harder than we thought, but once we made it we got rewarded with smoothies and a spectacular view over the BVI. After the hike, we went to town to eat lunch and buy snacks. The restaurant we ate at was located right on the beach, allowing us to hang out and relax on the sand. Later in the afternoon, we had a sandcastle competition against the other ActionQuest boats. The Squeakybrat family built a giant dolphin, turtle and a crab. Before getting picked up to go back to the boat to get ready for the BBQ evening we relaxed in the amazing blue water. Currently, we are sailing to Sydney’s Peace and Love for the BBQ.

Posted: Fri, Jul 21, 2017

Pico Sailing

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Emily B.
Today we woke up a bit on the earlier side and only had about 5 mins to get ready shortly after our breakfast of oatmeal. We started off our morning with our open water dives 4 &5 at Muskmelon Bay- Sand Highway. Exciting news, we all got certified woohoo! Boom! We can now officially call ourselves scuba divers. My group saw a giant lobster and another group saw a shark which was pretty coolio. Once we were all officially certified we had the chance to go on the Picos and sail for a bit which was great. After lunch, we had the opportunity to do some watersports and chill. That gave me the chance to soak up some rays and get a little tanner. Eventually, we got ourselves ready to sail to Cane Garden Bay, which was a very relaxing trip. The view here is stunning and tomorrow we will be hiking here. Any who, today was very fun and probably one of my favorites. I’m very excited for the rest of the trip. Peace out from a certified scuba diver (haha)!

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