BVI: Session 1 - Sambamba

Posted: Sun, Jun 18, 2017

Setting Sail!

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Marley R.
Today we got to learn about sailing and how the wind and our sail effects where go. We started our day at 7:00 am and ate a yummy breakfast of eggs and blueberry muffins. Then we set sail for Savanna Bay. Isaiah, Hudson, Rhoads and I all got to try out the helm. We also got to learn how the jib works. Next lunch came, so we rested at Manchioneel Bay. There we got to swim and enjoy sandwiches. After lunch, we once again set for our destination. During out trip we did
sailing circles and learned about the points of sail. After making it to Savanna Bay, we got to swim again and enjoy a dinner of pasta and salad. We ended our day with a scuba lesson about diving in confined water. Cant wait to put out knowledge to use on out first dive! 🙂

Posted: Sat, Jun 17, 2017

Our First Real Day!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Kiley T.
Our day started with a dock meeting with Mike, where he explained what was going to happen over the next few weeks. Then the last two shipmates, Candler and Kiley, joined us after dealing with travel issues. Soon we set off on our first sail, where we went to our first destination. We all began to understand how the boat works, and all helped to make sure everything went smoothly. Gabe was the skipper of the day, guiding the boat from the back as we sailed. We soon reached The Caves, where we were able to snorkel and take our swim test. After mooring the boat, everyone prepared to take the swim test, which consisted of six laps around the boat and ten minutes of treading water. Bella finished the laps first, and while we were treading water Dyer came up with an alphabet game to play to pass the time. After finishing the swim test, we had some time to relax while we waited to snorkel, and everyone really got to know one another and bond. When it was time to snorkel Margaret, Marley, Paige, Candler, and I went in the first group to the dive boat, where we got our fins and masks. Bean, Bella, Rhoads, Dyer, Gabe and Isaiah followed in the second boat. We all then jumped in the water and began our snorkel tour. We saw lots of coral, squirrelfish, parrotfish, blue tangs and even a few sea urchins. After 20 minutes of snorkeling, we returned to the dive boat and went back to our boat. We took showers, which consisted of using soap and shampoo and rinsing off in the ocean, and got ready for dinner. Dinner was Sloppy Joes, mashed potatoes, corn and salad. Then we cleaned up from dinner and got ready for our first dive chat! Today was so much fun; I am glad I was finally able to join the group! I am really looking forward to many fun days and adventures ahead with my new friends.

Posted: Fri, Jun 16, 2017

Sambamba Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: David, Hannah, and Megan
It is not too long until the shipmates arrive, and were very excited to welcome them aboard! After weeks of hard work from the staff, Sambamba has been picked up from Road Town and packed with food, fuel and water in preparation for the much-anticipated weeks ahead. Over the course of three weeks we are hoping to certify our shipmates with an IYT certificate that can open new doorways into the yachting industry or simply provide better access to pleasurable experiences on board charter vessels. But of course, sailing is only half the program! Our lovely SCUBA instructor Hannah plans to PADI open water certify those whom have never dove before. Courses aside, our goal as staff is to provide a fun, supportive and safe environment that gives our students the opportunity to discover their ability to learn and overcome challenges. We hope the build these surroundings not only from our daily activities such as water skiing, dinghy sailing, snorkeling, hiking, but with responsibility, accountability and team building! The next 3 weeks will be fruitful for all those living aboard Sambamba and ActionQuest vessels. Were really looking forward to meeting our students soon and having an incredible time over the upcoming weeks.
Here is an introduction to the crew of Sambamba:
David- skipper/WFR
David grew up on California’s coasts, and when he wasnt invested in his schooling; he was either involved in an aquatic summer programs or traveling around the Middle East, Europe, and Central America. Forever indebted to his parents, David was fortunate enough to begin dinghy sailing at the age of 8, scuba diving at 13, and various other aquatic sports in the times in-between. In 2013, David’s life dramatically shifted after Seamester; when his eyes were opened to the vast world of yachting. Thanks to his incredible experiences on board S/Y Argo, David dedicated his free time to receiving a certificate as a Master of Yachts through the Royal Yachting Association and used this license to work in the BVI as well as the Adriatic and other parts of the Mediterranean. Now returning for his third year, David hopes to continue expressing his passion for the ocean while learning from everyone around him in return.
Hannah- dive instructor/mate
Hannah was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario minutes from Lake Ontario. Hannah has always loved the water and was a high performance swimmer for eight years. Hannah completed her dive instructor training in Vancouver, British Columbia while attending The University of British Columbia for a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography and Biology. This is Hannahs second summer working as a part of the GXG Staff family and is looking forward to the amazing experiences to come this summer. In her free time, Hannah enjoys training for half marathons, baking, hiking, canoeing, camping, mountain climbing and spending time outside. Hannah has traveled from a very young age, and at 11 was the youngest female to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then Mount Rainier four years later.
Megan is stoked to be joining ActionQuest for the summer! Ever since her time as a shipmate in 2007 / 2008 and sailing with Seamester in 2009, she grew a deep found love for the majestic seas. Megans hometown is Orlando, Florida where the water, sun and sand are a way of life. Her passion for the ocean played a big role in deciding where she would pursue her Bachelors degree in Sport Event Management. During college, Megan enjoyed competing in Division I beach/indoor volleyball as well as taking a summer semester to study abroad in Venice, Italy. Today Megan thrives in an operating relations position for a childrens recreation and event company. Feeling a deep call and internal responsibility, Megan recently obtained her EMT certification. Megans heart is to share her experience, passion and education with the younger generation; encouraging them in a secure yet challenging environment where they will experience personal growth! Many say Meg is down to earth, funny and vibrant! She enjoys mentoring teens, paddle boarding, writing, photography and serving at her local church.

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