BVI: Session 2 - Wind Shadow

Posted: Tue, Jul 11, 2017

Baths Day

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Melissa L.
Today was the best day so far on this trip in my opinion. We went to the Baths, a bay that is literally made entirely out of pebbles. A group of us explored the rocks after jumping off the large rock into the swimming area. We basically got lost. If you are familiar with the TV show H20: Just Add Water you’ll understand this: many of the caves in the baths resemble the caves on Mako Island. After the Baths we had time to walk around Spanishtown on the island of Virgin Gorda. Our ship group went to a really good restaurant for lunch and an ice cream parlor as well as hung out with the kids from other boats. Another awesome part of the day was the sailing we did after Spanishtown and the swimming we did at Savanna Bay. I hope that we have many more amazing days like this one.

Posted: Mon, Jul 10, 2017

A Smooth Sail

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Ryan H.
On the third day of our voyage vacation we woke up again at 6am. We had eggs, blueberry muffins, and beautiful pineapple breakfast made by our great chefs Lexie and Anna. After cleaning off the boat we set sail on a smooth sea with a nice breeze. Today I was assigned to the magic wheel as the skipper driving the boat. It was fun getting to steer the boat using a 3-foot wide wheel. After a few hours of sailing, we reached our final destination and laid anchor. I got to go in the first group out on the dinghy boat for wakeboarding. I was surprised how nice and glassy it was on the ocean rather than on a glassy lake. My group was impressive and three first timers stoop up on their first tries. After the fun workout, we came back to the sailboat and had a ball doing our weirdest dives off of the side. Jake did win with his hillbilly screaming dive. After showing off, we got together and ate a great pasta and hot dog mixture dinner. Afterwards, we all talked, had a good time and watched a video teaching us more about scuba diving. Everyone was tired from the fun long day at sea and fell nicely asleep with the soothing rocking of the current. Till next time

Posted: Sun, Jul 9, 2017

First Day in Water

Location: Ty G.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
Today was one to remember. We started off having our first breakfast. It was our first day we didnt know what to expect. A few hours after breakfast we set sail. After we learned about sailing we found a spot to go snorkeling. One of the hardest parts of the day was the swimming test. The day was incredible. I saw so many fish I didnt know existed. To wrap things up, I slowly feel that everyone is becoming closer with each other. Who knows where tomorrows adventure will bring us.

Posted: Sat, Jul 8, 2017

Wind Shadow Staff Update Day 1

As session two preparations continue and arrival day approaches, the crew of Wind Shadow is getting excited about our new crew of shipmates stepping on board. All of our PFDs are counted, bunks are made, food is stored and the lines are coiled. Our home for the next three weeks is ship shape and we cannot wait for the twelve new shipmates to arrive to complete our Wind Shadow family. As we continue with our final preparations, all the staff will be waiting patiently to see the first ferry carrying shipmates to show up in the horizon. We can’t wait to show all of you the beautiful surroundings that we will be learning to sail and scuba dive in for the next three weeks!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Wind Shadow:

Jake- Skipper

Easily recognizable by the constant smile on his face, Jake coordinates half of the Vega fleet. Brought into diving by his mom, Jake has experience diving all over the world, from the murky, freezing waters of the Great Lakes to the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean. After returning home from a life- changing trip with ActionQuest in2005, Jake knew he had to become involved with the program. Now as a skipper and PADI instructor, Jake strives to provide his shipmates with the same incredible experience he had as a student. Jake recently made the move to Sarasota and manages enrollment and business development for ActionQuest

Hannah- Dive Instructor/Mate

Hannah was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario minutes from Lake Ontario. Hannah has always loved the water and was a high-performance swimmer for eight years. Hannah completed her dive instructor training in Vancouver, British Columbia while attending The University of British Columbia for a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography and Biology. This is Hannahs second summer working as a part of the GXG Staff family and is looking forward to the amazing experiences to come this summer. In her free time, Hannah enjoys training for half marathons, baking, hiking, canoeing, camping, mountain climbing, and spending time outside. Hannah has traveled from a very young age, and at 11 was the youngest female to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then Mount Rainier four years later.

Emma- Dive Instructor/EMT

This will be Emma’s second time as a staff member in the BVI, but her 5th time spending a summer with GXG programs! After getting her advanced open water diver certification with ActionQuest in 2011, she fell in love and decided to live a lifestyle that would allow her to dive and sail as much as she could. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with Seamester, she went to work in Boston for a year in a dive shop. Leaving the frigid conditions there, she worked in the BVI last summer as a mate/ EMT. After this she went to Mexico to work on a marine conservation base, focusing on corals and juvenile fish. She’s back this year as a dive instructor and is so happy to have the chance to dive again in the BVI! When she’s not at AQ she enjoys nice vegan food, playing piano and hanging out with her cats.

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