BVI: Session 1 - La Bella Vita

Posted: Fri, Jun 17, 2016

Day 3- First Time Sailing!

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Paulina M.
Today was a really fun day! After having amazing muffins for breakfast we sailed for the first time towards Savanna Bay. We learned about sailing circles, tacking, jibing, etc. There was not a lot of wind but we had lots of fun learning. We tried to learn how to play the ukulele as well, but after a while we realized we were kinda bad. After lunch we talked and chilled while we sailed. Finally we arrived at Savanna Bay and we swam and showered. The water was really warm and refreshing. Before dinner we played cards, magic tricks, and told riddles. Some of us had trouble figuring them out but it was fun once we did. I can’t wait for tomorrow to have more adventures on La Bella Vita.

Posted: Thu, Jun 16, 2016

Day 2- First Day Sailing

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Nicholas S.
Today was the start of our ActionQuest journey. We woke up to cereal and a talk on the dock. Mike talked to the whole program about safety and our trip going forward. After that talk we were free to go underway!! After waiting another hour and half… When we finally got the go ahead to leave we were all super excited. We had a little trouble with the mainsail, but after a brief sailing talk we were underway and at the Caves in no time. At the caves we had a swimming test, which consisted of treading water for ten minutes and swimming around the boat six times. We were all ready for some fun after the test and we were rewarded. Snorkeling the caves where Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, supposedly hid his treasure and even seeing a sea turtle was the perfect way to restore our enthusiasm. Then we took a brief shower and headed to the next bay over where we are to spend the night.

Posted: Wed, Jun 15, 2016

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Carolyn
Fritz, Ashley and I are counting down the days until we finally get to meet our shipmates and set sail. After two weeks of preparation we are feeling ready. We’ve assembled and fired up all thing dinghies and ski boats to try out all the new gear. We have put together and practiced coaching each other on the picks and windsurfers. Bella Vita has been fitted out with all of our gear and filled with food. We are so excited to have both advanced and Vega sailors and divers. Can’t wait until we are a complete crew of 15!
Here is an introduction to the crew of La Bella Vita:
Carolyn: Skipper
Born 500 meters from the ocean in Rhode Island, Carolyn has been drawn to it from a young age. After being bitten by the sailing bug at 18 she spent her summers working on classic sailboats. She graduated from Brown University with a BA in International Relations in May 2014, and decided to take to the waters on any boat with sails. Having grown up with a French mother and German father, Carolyn has been traveling for as long as she can remember. Wanting to spend more time in the places she visited, Carolyn began to seek out work opportunities abroad. Her most recent experiences include conducting sociology research in India, teaching English in Mauritius, and working on sheep and cattle ranches in Australia. Since the fall of 2014 she has combined her love of the sea and living abroad by working aboard sailing vessels on the northern shores of New Zealand.
Fritz: Divemaster/Mate
Fritz was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and now lives in Virginia. He grew up sailing Hobie Cats in South Carolina, which instilled a love for the sea in him. He currently holds his 200 Ton Yachtmaster Limited certification and is a Divemaster. Fritz is studies Aerospace Engineering at the University of Virginia, where he is the Fleet Captain of the UVA sailing team. When hes not on the water he enjoys rock climbing/bouldering. Fritz joined AQ in 2015 as the skipper of Manic Compression; coming back to the program this year he looks forward to teaching sailing and leading dives.
Ashley: Dive Instructor/Mate
Ashley was born and raised on the coast of New Jersey, where her passion for the sea first blossomed. During her sophomore year at Roger Williams in Rhode Island she studied abroad with Sea|mester, where she sailed from the BVI to Tahiti on Argo. After graduating with a degree in marine biology she worked onboard New Jersey’s official tall ship A. J. Meerwald, and has most recently spent time on Ocean Star during her refit period in Antigua. Her favorite animal is the sea turtle and she can’t wait to be in the BVI and diving with them again!

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