BVI: Session 2 - Erocibar

Posted: Sat, Jul 29, 2017

Erocibar Staff Update Day 21

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Simon, Kayleigh and Ethan
Session two has flown by and it is now the last day. The staff and shipmates on Erocibar have had an amazing time sailing around the beautiful islands of the BVI, where shipmates were able to receive qualifications as IYT crew and advanced sailors. We also dived some amazing dive sites along the way. Congratulations to Morgan, Kayla, and Gabbi who completed their PADI Divemaster course. They were fantastic DMTs and are now on their first step of their professional diving career. Big shout out to Shea, Frances, Greg, Haynes, Trip, Will, Seth, Collin and Kristen, who completed their PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, as well as their Boat and Fish ID specialties. Everyone worked incredibly hard whilst making the most out of this experience. Crossbar has been a boat of constant laughter and adventures the entire trip and we will be very sad to see these amazing shipmates leave. Until next year, session two Erocibar out! date: Jul 28, 2017

A Bittersweet Last Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Kristen S.
Today was our last full day and it started with our chefs Kayla and Trip boiling the water for oatmeal breakfast. After breakfast, Simon and I headed over to Remedy for a skipper’s meeting to prepare for our race. Erocibar started the race in the tenth spot with Trip at the helm. Will pull up the mainsail and Haynes and Collin was on the jib sheets. Unfortunately, Erocibar fell behind in the race. We then packed up our stuff and cleaned out our cabins. Tonight we will all say goodbye to the other boats at our final BBQ. Overall it has been a successful last day. date: Jul 27, 2017

Day 19

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Shea S.
Today we started by waking up really early to hurry over to the dive site at 6:30 AM. Kayla and Andy led my group, which was Kristen, Frances, and Greg, while Morgan led the rest of the divers with Kayleigh. We went diving through a shipwreck where people saw sharks, turtles, lobsters, rays, and so many other cool things. When we came up the advanced sailors, Will, Haynes, and Trip went and took their advanced sailing test while the rest of us hung out at the boat for a while, then headed over around the corner to meet up with the advanced sailors for a short hike and a really long swim with Bella Vita while the divemasters stayed and led more dives. Kayla, Gabbi, and Morgan are now unofficially divemasters but will be as soon as the paperwork is finalized. Tonight will be our last dinner before we dock tomorrow at West End after the final race. I have enjoyed my time here more than I could have ever imagined and I honestly never want to leave. I’m going to miss my friends here that I now consider family and I wish I could bring them all home with me. I thank the staff and everyone here for the experience I was given. date: Jul 26, 2017

Steering on the Right Track

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Kayla R.
Today our morning started differently than it normally would here on Erocibar. After the epic experience, we had yesterday during our sailing race when our steering broke, our steering needed to be fixed. Torin came aboard to help us fix it. Gabi, Morgan and I passed our divemaster final exams, which made us all very happy. While at port in Road Town we were all able to eat and contact home. Gabi was able to eat pizza from Pusser’s that she had been talking about non-stop. I had lunch with Seth, Will, Greg, Trip, Colin, and Haynes at D’best Cup. When returning back to the boat we all headed to the Moorings store to get Moorings attire and stickers and shortly after took off from the dock. When arriving back at Peter Island, Frances, Kristen, and Shea were on the anchor team and successfully dropped the anchor with E-dog. Will and Seth started to cook breakfast for dinner. Over the last few weeks, our boat has turned into a family and I know when I go home I’ll miss them all and more the next day than the last. date: Jul 25, 2017

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