BVI: Session 1 - Surprise

Posted: Fri, Jun 24, 2016

Day 10

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Jeff M.
Today us divemasters saw our progress pay off; taking our students on their first open water dives. I woke up to find melon, bagels and yogurt ready for breakfast. For the first rotation Dylan and I mapped out the dive site, some DMs dove with open water students, and others refreshed their oxygen provider skills with Simon. Second rotation Katja and I took two open water students on their first open water dive, and their excitement was priceless. When we surfaced we found Jules grilling some cheese, and gobbled it down like stuffing on Thanksgiving (or, you know, last night). We then did another rotation, with several of us avoiding the sun like the plague. After our rotation Simon surprised Surprise with the news that we would be taking the first half of our divemaster test after our chicken Caesar salad dinner and our squeeze. Thankfully the first half felt like pressing a Staples button, likely due to how good Simon, Katja, and Cha Cha are at teaching. After that we got some well earned sleep.

Day 9- Surprise! We All Want To Be In Bed By 8:30 Tonight

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Emily M.
The divemaster crew had another early start to the day this morning. After breakfast the rotation day swung into action. The first rotation included assisting instructors with their open water students and the confined water skills they have been working on. My group practiced buoyancy skills, a controlled emergency ascent and swimming underwater without a mask on. My second rotation this morning was re-learning and perfecting rescue scenario #7. After “saving” Jared (pretending to be an unconscious diver on the bottom of the ocean), Jimmy helped me pull him out of the water and onto the boat. The divemasters also all finished our last physical test which was the stress test (swapping all of your gear with your buddy underwater while sharing one regulator). After the second rotation we ate lunch. The divemaster crew had two more rotations after lunch and I was able to go on a few dinghy rides to drop off empty tanks and pick up full ones with Hannah, JJ and Jules. Chance and I also put together our creative minds to make paper plate awards for the dive instructors. While the chefs began making Thanksgiving dinner we motored our home around the corner to where those going on a night dive tonight are diving. Today was definitely an exhausting one, but a lot of fun.

Posted: Wed, Jun 22, 2016

Day 8- Surprise! Meet Our New Shipmate, Wilson

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Jordan D.
Hello everyone! My name is Jordan and I am the skipper today of this here fine vessel. We awoke much before our alarm and started breakfast. Hugh and Jeff performed the arduous task of boiling water for our scrumptious oatmeal breakfast. Groggy and sluggish after last night’s intense jam session, we all set up our scuba gear in preparation for our DSD instruction course. Laughs broke out as we watched the demonstration because Simon, the Scottish skipper, acted like an excited 6 year old. The dive was both interesting and fun, with Jules being a problem student who swam at full speed away from her instructor.” The laughs don’t end there though. Cha Cha found and adopted a ship pet/new shipmate – a coconut named Wilson. He helped sit watch while we righteous DMs helped tow one another to safety (aka – the end of the awful physical test). We were awarded with an hour of shore time and Hibiclens showers at Leverick Bay. Wilson, our coconut shipmate, joined Emily and I for adventures at port. He gets to eat Gelato, tie knots, drive Manic and socialize. Cha Cha was very thankful that we documented his memorable first steps. We motored over to Mountain Point where we ate Mexican food with Sam!! Dinner was great but the deep squeeze was even better as we got to share life lessons learned through experiences. Another great day here on surprise. Wilson standing by on 72. #whereintheworldisWilson #StayclassyforChaCha #Simonsays #Katjacaughtsya

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2016

Day 7- Surprise! Floral Patterns

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Hannah
Today we woke at 6:30 for a delicious breakfast consisting of cereal and milk. After our family had breakfast we started cleanup and prepared our boat for all of the sail side snorkelers to pick up their gear before their first snorkel of the mangroves. Seven of us were able to lead some of the open water students through the snorkel site for two hours while the other seven went through knowledge review answers with Simon. The next rotation the group with Simon in the morning switched with the snorkelers so both groups were able to lead snorkelers on their first snorkel of the mangroves. At 12:00 we ate lunch which was mac and cheese made by Connor and Emily. After cleaning up from lunch we prepared the boat again for the next round of snorkelers. Once the DMs fitted the next round of snorkelers with gear we headed to the beach on Prickly Pear Island while waiting for the rescue divers from dive side to join us for our Emergency First Responder course class on the beach. We completed our class and prepared for our final exam. After some time on the beach we went back home to Surprise to shower and get ready for our beach BBQ and dance featuring DJ Heavy Beats. Today was a great day and I know we are all excited for what tonight and tomorrow brings.

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