Global: Session 2 - Minerva: Los Escapados

Posted: Mon, Jul 30, 2012

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Sam
The end of the session has really snuck up on all of us, as we suddenly find ourselves sitting beside packed bags and discussing our travel plans for tomorrow morning. The shipmates of Los Escapados have been a wonderful crew. Every day was filled with plenty of laughter and memories that will last us a lifetime. Andy and I couldn’t be happier that the shipmates were able to remain so close to one another throughout the entire trip. Furthermore, I’m so proud of everyone for the work that they put into their International Crew Certificate. This trip has been an amazing adventure and I hope to see returning faces next year!


Location: The Bight to West End
Author: Rachel
Today was filled with cleaning, sailing, and more cleaning. I started the day by waking people up around 7. Then we ate cereal for breakfast. Shortly after, Andy and I attended a skipper’s meeting for the race, where all the boats compete to reach West End first. We were close behind Mary Jane, who was in the lead. The race ended up being cancelled due to poor weather conditions. After the race we had to clean every inch of the boat, literally. When we reached West End, most of us either grabbed a milkshake or bought T-shirts and souvenirs. Once everyone was finished showering we began picking what to wear to the BBQ tonight. At the BBQ we will be with all of the shipmates from the other boats. I’m so excited to meet everybody. That’s pretty much all that happened today. It still hasn’t sunken in that we are leaving tomorrow. We have all become so close and feel like a family. I’ll miss everybody so much. Hope to check back in next summer.

– Rachel

Posted: Sun, Jul 29, 2012

Final Passage

Location: Spanish Town, The Baths, and The Bight
Author: Jake
We woke up after our last night sail to Spanish Town and had cereal for breakfast. After breakfast we cleaned up and got our sail test practice questions for our final review before the test. We reviewed anchors, lights, points of sail, and right of way rules. After the official review session, Sam gave us 20 minutes to cram before she passed out the test. After 20 minutes, we all spread out on the ship and began the test. Within 30 minutes everyone finished their tests. We began to ask each other the answers while we waited for them to be graded. We then sailed to the Baths for a group photo and to explore. After exploring the Baths we began our sail over to the Bight where our voyage began. One by one, Sam called us down below to go over the results of our written exams and practical exams. Some of us took the helm with Andy to finish our practical exams. Charter took the helm after practicals and took us the remainder of the way to the Bight. We had many visitors eager to enjoy Mexican Night for dinner in the massive cockpit of Los Escapados. Tomorrow morning is the race and we are all eager to show everyone our superior ship and sailing skills.

Posted: Sat, Jul 28, 2012

Jake Stayed Awake!

Location: From Saba to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Author: Gessica
After weeks of busy and exciting activities, the crew of Los Escapados decided to have a more relaxing day by doing some cleaning and studying. With the sailing exam just a day away, everyone was busy learning the parts of the sail, different anchors, rules of the road, and so much more. Being advanced divers, Luca and Charter were able to go scuba diving in the beautiful Saba waters. They came back telling intriguing stories of all the amazing sea animals, creatures, and plants they saw. Rachel, Camilla, and Artem deckied our whole boat and made it spotlessly clean. Brooke and I had so much fun creating our version of chicken salad. We mixed mayo, apples, raisins, sugar, pepper, and salt with our chicken to create a masterpiece. With sides of saltines, tomatoes, and cheese, our meal was complete.

After lunch, we all tidied our cabins and the girls and an easier time since Mike was nice enough to carry all of our bags back into our rooms. At around 2:00, we said our goodbyes to Saba and headed towards Spanish Town. During our whole sail, Jake stayed up to prove himself after our last long sail where he slept for 16 hours. Overall, it was a smooth and fun sail. We all did our shifts and reached Spanish Town by 2:30am. In addition, half of our crew was able to see several dolphins swim by our boat. Needless to say, we had a pretty great day.

Posted: Fri, Jul 27, 2012

If We Couldn’t Laugh, We Would All Go Insane

Location: Saba
Author: Brooke
As we’re all preparing for one last grand hike, I can’t help but stare out at the staircase which we would soon be climbing. A staircase that has a strong resemblance to the Great Wall of China and is vertical enough to have earned the name “The Ladder”. For 150 years after its construction in the early 1800’s, The Ladder was the only means of getting on and off the island. That means that anyone that had to check through customs or bring in imported goods had to climb The Ladder. After approximately 300 stairs up The Ladder is the town of Bottom, which personally makes me think of Bikini Bottom. That cartoon image became even more vivid when a couple of crew-mates splurged on Spongebob ice cream at a store.

After walking up multiple paths, it was time to take on the big mountain. Midway up was lunch time at a bus stop looking area where we all munched down on PB and Js, trail mix, and Pringles. The summit itself was small and cramped on a pedestal overlooking the entire island with its surrounding waters. On the way back down, we made a pit stop on top of a hill to soak up the birds-eye view of housetops and church steeples.

Back at the boat, the lines quickly became full of dripping clothes and muddy shoes but spirits were high for shower hour with Lady Gaga as background music. After dinner was when the dilemmas of living on a boat started to show. One of the girls bathrooms became clogged and backed up so the evening was spent carting around buckets of water, bleach and paper towels. Once that was settled, I think it’s safe to say that us girls turned it into a bonding experience. The trip is winding down and tomorrow is our last big sail, which is unbelievable. Sail on Gardner McKay.

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