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Posted: Sun, Jul 16, 2017

First Day in Nevis

Location: Nevis
Author: Zach M.
Today was our first day on Nevis. We had breakfast, eggs and muffins. We made sandwiches during breakfast for lunch on shore. This was the beginning of the interesting day. We did our usual cleanup in dishes and made our way to shore. The crew had the opportunity to choose between sea kayaking, horseback riding, and bike riding. I chose bike riding and this led me to bike around the whole island of Nevis. It was a good 15 mile bike ride with many tiring hills. We got to eat on the top of a massive hill with locals talking to us. Afterwards it was all downhill. We passed through town and were able to see the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. Other shipmates went kayaking and swimming in the ocean, while the horse riders galloped on the beach and small trails. When we all met up we swam and played around in the water. Tonight we are having a barbecue on shore and enjoying dinner with the other boat. Nevis is definitely my favorite island so far because of the cool small towns. This has definitely been an enjoyable trip with new islands that I wouldn’t be able to see if I hadn’t done Minerva.

Posted: Sat, Jul 15, 2017

last day in Statia

Location: Statia to Nevis
Author: Hellie S.
Today we had an early wake up so that we could start our Statia diving right away. We were split into three groups and the majority of Annie Daydreaming ended up diving the Cien Tong, a sunken Taiwanese ship. We saw coral, angelfish, garden eels, lobster and lots more. After the diving, a few shipmates went to shore to stock up on snacks and have lunch before making the afternoon passage from Statia to Nevis. The passage took around four hours and we made it to Nevis just before sundown. We ate a delicious dinner of chili, rice and cornbread and then finished the long day with nighttime ocean showers.

Posted: Fri, Jul 14, 2017

How to Vegan

Location: Alexa Y.
Author: St. Eustatius
Today was an early morning breakfast of cereal, made more interesting by Andy and Zach who had woken up extra early to dive down and pick up the rogue deck bucket they’d dropped the night previous in a mad dash to grab an overboard Nalgene. After breakfast we made quick work to get the anchor up and begin passage prep. We had a nice long sail across the water to a nearby island called St. Eustatius. After a six hour sail and a single tack, we sat down to have Evan’s nice lunch of chicken quesadillas. We were then left with free time as a staff member went to clear customs, so we busied ourselves swimming, napping, tanning and continuing to bond with one another. After a while, we all got dressed for a quick land exploration in the town. We learned the history of the island and how they’d been bombarded by the English in 1700s. After restocking snacks and catching up with the shipmates on B Chaser, we headed back to a dinner of veggie burgers and finished off our day with a squeeze. After clean up, we’ll split up to go to our respective sail chats then head for a good nights rest.

Posted: Wed, Jul 12, 2017

Exploring the cave

Location: Saba
Author: Bria D.
The day began as we were traveling across the ocean to our first stop at the leeward islands. That night was my first experience on the ocean sailing and let me tell you, was single handedly the coolest ocean view I’ve ever encountered. The wind was blowing and the boat was rocking, the only light came from the illuminating moon. Everyone held on tight as the boat shifted from left to right, crashing into the sea. We laughed at each other as we all took turns eating it, as we soon learned the boat always wins. Being awake at 12 a.m on night shift was a great bonding experience, cracking jokes to keep from falling asleep. When I woke in the morning, I climbed up the stairs onto the deck to find myself looking at an enormous rock island. My eyes widened at the the view I couldn’t believe I was looking at. It looked like something from Jurassic park! After eating a filling breakfast of french toast, we all jumped into our swim attire and put our snorkels on. It was my first time snorkeling and I could not have asked for a better first look into the clear sea. At one point I was swimming next to a blue fish looking it in the face, and we even saw a turtle! We adventured over to the cave within the rocks and explored inside and even found a rock to jump off of. The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill as those who wanted to go scuba diving went, and the rest of us stayed on the boat and swam more or simply took a nap in the sun. We just finished eating dinner and are each doing our jobs to clean up. Our sail lesson which should be taking place in about 30 minutes is what I’m looking forward to. Finally, after our lessons, we should return to our boat to be welcomed by freshly out of the oven cookies. Fingers crossed!

Posted: Tue, Jul 11, 2017

First Night Passage

Location: BVI – Saba
Author: Ollie D.
Today was going to be the first night passage of the trip. This meant we had to sail through the night. we were going to be taking turns to go on watch to make sure that we were clear of any other vessels which might also be out sailing in the same waters. We needed to be in a harness whilst on watch. Me and my group were second to go on watch and when we came of shift we were catching up on some much needed sleep. During our shift we drank energy drinks and ate trail mix and enjoyed each other’s conversation to help each other stay awake throughout the night. We arrived in Saba at about 5am. We are pretty tired but excited to have completed our first offshore passage. I am especially excited to go diving in Saba and enjoy a long hike up to the highest point in the Netherlands Kingdom,

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