BVI: Session 2 - Catalinaville

Posted: Sun, Jul 27, 2014

Back Where We Started

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Weston C.
We woke up this morning after a very late night of writing our program reflections. Some of us were up until 3am writing, while others gave up far earlier and agreed to finish them today. After a breakfast consisting of pancakes and crepes we quickly prepared to go on shore and work with Thurman. Thurman lives and owns large portions of Peter Island and has established a system of self sustainment. After rushing into the dinghies, we found that he unfortunately had to work today and was unable to work with us. However, not all was lost, Peter Island is also home to the very exclusive Peter Island Resort, “a top choice in many bridal magazines”. We compared the lifestyles of the resort and Thurman and discussed the influence of urbanization on the British Virgin Islands. Afterwards we returned to the boats and went for a nice swim. We saw yellow-tail tuna as well as many types of coral. For lunch we enjoyed chicken and tuna salad… Delicious! We then embarked on the second to last sail to Norman Island. As we raised the sail many alternative personalities were revealed including Cletus, the country gentleman and Charlie, the Redneck genius. After the short sail, we started dinner which was Cheesy-Broccoli Pasta, while the staff attended a meeting. We ate and ended with the Squeeze. Today was yet another perfect day in paradise.

Final staff blog

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Elliot E.
The boat is currently making it’s way back to West End where the crew of Catalinaville met for the first time what seems like years ago. As we pack, clean and prepare for our last meal together we look back on our time together. This morning we had another chance to hike Spyglass on Norman Island together at the same time of day that we did on day three of program. This time we all know each other so much better that it seems like we’re hiking with completely different people. Ladislas, Tristan and Noah ran the entire trail and actually broke the current speed record. On top of the hill we shared with the group an aspect of our personalities that we want to take with us when we leave and one that we could leave down here. The view gave us something to gaze into while we thought about our answers to the question and reflected on everything we learned this session. Maddie and Nora grew as leaders and got involved in any chance to make the boat go while Weston works on his ability to pull up the anchor by himself. Everyone has fallen into a role and kept the boat moving as well as maintaining the group dynamic. Casey keeps the group motivated and positive with the help of Hannah and Abby. Maci and Nic keep us laughing while Morgan and Victoire keep us grounded. This crew has grown so close and accomplished so much in the short time they’ve had together and I’m confident that they will bring home their best selves as well as enough memories to last them a lifetime.

Posted: Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Breakfast For Dinner For Breakfast With Yesterday’s Dinner For Dinner

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Abby G.
In case you were curious about the title, it basically explains that we had Breakfast for Dinner for Breakfast with Yesterday’s Dinner for Dinner. Simple.
Anyways, now that that’s cleared up, this morning we took a quick sail from Road Town to Brandywine. On the sail over, Noah was sleeping on the bow, in clear view of everyone that was sitting together on the roof and and we spent a good 40 minutes trying to come up with ideas of how to freak him out (i.e pretend he was going to go overboard). We then successfully monitored and planted Mangrove trees… and Maddie stepped on a Puffer fish.
Background info on Mangroves (do not grow mangoes)
-they prevent erosion
-80% of fish that are fished by fisheries either live or feed on fish that have lived in Mangroves for at least some of their fishy life
-their seed normally floats along the top of the water horizontally until it finds the perfect balance of salinity, temperature and depth. Then it turns vertically and plants itself…which is pretty neat if you ask us.
-they protect the land from hurricanes
-species lose their habitats when these plants are destroyed
The way we plant new mangroves is by putting a PVC pipe into the ground, filling it with substrate to the waterline and then putting a seed into the tube (very scientific). After that, we sailed back to Road Town, with our one-man anchor team Lad (he’s the full package…but don’t ask him what that means because he has no clue) and had some shore time, where we enjoyed delicious Gelato. We then sailed to Peter Island to have dinner. Dinner was Mexican night 2.0 where multiple things went overboard… including Noah.
Sionara, THE DREAM TEAM (Abby and Hannah)
P.S ignore the possessed looking Elliot in our group dinner pic…..

Posted: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Double The Rainbow, Double The Fun

Location: Road Harbor, Tortola
Author: Nora P.
Today started early, all the staff set the boat underway while we were all sleeping. I woke up to help motor over to road harbor, we planned to help Virgin Island Search and Rescue (VISAR), a volunteer organization that works to rescue people in trouble from all over the BVI. On the way to their head quarters we spotted a rain storm ahead, luckily we didn’t get too wet and we saw the most vivid double rainbow in the history of the world. When we finally arrived we explored the facilities and saw their huge rescue boat. From there we split into different groups to get work done. There were people doing gardening work, people painting bright orange over old faded paint, and people dredging mud from were their boat gets dropped because kicked up mud scraped the boat when it tries to leave. We all worked really hard and got a lot done. It was really cool to work with this organization because they save so many lives yet are not federally funded, they are run off of donations and volunteers. There is only one person who works there full time, the rest work other jobs and go to the boat when calls come in. Because of their tight budget they have to save their money to buy essential things, so it was really satisfying to do little touch-ups to make it a nicer place. After a long days work Elliot told us that we were having pizza for dinner! We were all so excited. It was a true party, everyone from Moko Jumbie came over to Catalinaville and we devoured 10 pizzas. It was really cool to eat dinner with all of Lifeworks, and have a giant squeeze at the end! The questions were: If you could live in any movie what would it be & what do you miss most from home?

Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Oh Jiffy

Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke
Author: Tristan V.
The smell of pancakes woke us up to another beautiful morning in the British Virgin Islands. After the pancakes, which were gone pretty quickly, we rode the dinghies over to Great Harbor in Jost van Dyke to pick up the Jost van Dyke Preservation Society, with whom we had worked with yesterday as well. The kids gave us a tour of the harbor, mainly showing us where to buy the best food and things like that. After everyone had been loaded into the dinghies and back to our boat, we set sail for Great Thatch, where we went for a beach cleanup. The wind on the way over was surprisingly strong, and we even had to reef the sail twice, meaning that we had to have to main sail only a portion of the way up because the wind was too strong. When we arrived at Great Thatch, we wet landed onto the beach and set about our cleanup, though it was hard to clean up when it was easy to get distracted by skipping perfect flat stones across the water. After the cleanup, we headed back to Great Harbor in Jost van Dyke, where we sadly parted ways with the preservation society and had some time to check out what Great Harbor had to offer. Dinner conversation consisted of Kelly telling us about how she helped us all sign up for Lifeworks, and after dinner, we headed over to Moko Jumbie to celebrate a birthday with cake and brownies!

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