BVI: Session 3 - Snow Cat

Posted: Sat, Aug 13, 2016

The Last day…

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Peter M.
We woke up this morning feeling anxious about our upcoming departure. We soon forgot about this, taking our hike, until we all reached the top of spyglass, where we all had to realize that this was in fact real, we are going to leave for our homes the next morning, and we will never meet each other again under the same circumstances, with all the same people. After the hike, we proceeded to enjoy our last day on our yacht in the Caribbean, by swimming/snorkeling in the ocean, and sunbathing for our last time this summer. Then we had to start cleaning/packing, a job that would consume most of our last day, but we luckily finished in good time for our last BBQ. We finished any shopping we needed doing while in the BVI, and enjoyed some drinks, with the friends that we had made, and hopefully will remain friends with for the rest of our lives. We then auctioned the Lifeworks flag onboard the boat, a flag that would no longer be produced, due to the rebranding of Lifeworks. We auctioned the flag in pieces, were the most preferred piece was sold for 70 USD to the highest bidder, the second most preferred price sold for 50 USD, and the third sold for 35 USD, while the rest of us paid 20 USD. All of the money would be donated to one of the charitable organizations that we had worked with, which ranged from special needs schools to the local coast guard, VISAR. We then went to our last group meeting, which included ActionQuest, where we learnt a lot more about what kind courses the people around us were taking, and what other courses that were possible for us to attend during our upcoming years. We then returned to our boat, where we divided the pieces, and signing each others with sweet comments, all before we enjoyed our last night of sleep together at our yacht in the Caribbean.

Posted: Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Giant Lunchbox

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Sarah S.
This morning I woke up to the feeling of cold air conditioning blowing out of the vents since we were docked in Rhode Town and had a different power source. After breakfast we loaded up the dinghies and went to VISAR(Virgin Islands Search and Rescue) to do our community service activity for the day. When we got there, we met with Niguel, one of the head medics and had an introduction on VISAR and the work they do. It is an all volunteer, non profit thats motive is to keep the people on the Virgin Island waters safe. After we asked our questions, we went outside and began painting two ginormous containers, a bright orange color that had been starting to rust. We also painted, cleaned up and weeded around the outside of the building. After lunch we did the final touches and went back to the boat. Showers on shore were next. It was a race to see who could get to the showers first to have the most water pressure which Bailee and me won. We then had a surprise of pizza and ice cream from Bz and Alex, which we munched on while we set sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island to have the second surprise of the night. That surprise was getting to go on VISAR’s dinghy, which gets up to 46 knots. After that we made bracelets and anklets made of cortege to represent our Lifeworks experience.

Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016

Double Rainbow Over The Mangroves

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Bailie H.
After being rained on off and on throughout the night, we woke up to the sight of a double rainbow across the sky. We enjoyed the sight while eating our scrambled eggs and cereal. Snowcat then set sail to where it all began; West End of Tortola. Having a couple hours of shore time, we took a taxi to the other side of the island to do mangrove restoration. This entailed measuring the mangroves, taking data, and replanting the mangroves. After this project, we returned to the boat and headed to Road Town and enjoyed our freshwater showers on shore. As a surprise, Ben and Casen surprised our boat with getting us pizzas to go, while still having our Mexican food night. In other words, dinner was fantastic. We ended the night with our nightly squeeze session. Another day down, getting us closer to the end of this incredible journey.

Posted: Tue, Aug 9, 2016

Mr. Beans Cohen

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Ben C.
Today we woke up and had a great breakfast. Pancakes and sausage and then started our day. We then smothered ourselves in 70 SPF sunscreen and went snorkeling to look for Lion fish but was unsuccessful even though George saw one but decided it would be best to say nothing to anyone. When we finished we all fought over who could fit on the dinghy and I won because Im an animal. Then Liz, Edie and myself laid on the trampoline and tanned while sailing to the beach BBQ. I must have had 12 hamburgers. THE END

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