BVI: Session 2 - Snow Cat

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2016

Race Day!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Xavier K.
Day 19, Lifeworks is drawing to a close. Today started off with an excellent breakfast of pancakes from our chef’s Sam and James. After breakfast, we traveled to Conrad’s house on Peter Island. Conrad was a local who spread joy throughout the community. Over the years, Lifeworks has been visiting and assisting Conrad with his daily chores. Sadly, Conrad passed away two years ago, but we (Lifeworks) continue to return to Peter Island to look over his home, and share his story. Later on in the day, we traveled to Road Harbor in Tortola to prepare ourselves for the race. The odds were slightly against us going into the race, as our boat has an older sail. Preparations for the race included face painting, searching for crazy clothes, taking everything off the lines and downloading the Pirates of The Caribbean theme song. The race began and everyone was extremely excited and anxious. We started off smack dead in the middle of the pack. We played the loudest most obnoxious music, which somehow pushed us all the way to neck and neck with the first place boat. After an hour and a half of back and forth the Snow Cat crew pushed through and became victorious. It was an all around fun race and a great final day. We finished off the night with an evening program that is an ActionQuest/Lifeworks special. It is a program that entails writing cards that have good things to say about everyone on the boat.

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Fresh Water Shower Pt. 2

Location: Road Harbor, Tortola
Author: Marti F.
After the 7:30 wake up call and my daily dose of Quaker’s Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal, my boat and I headed over to VISAR, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue, to help clean the outside of the building. There weren’t that many jobs available for the amount of people at the site, so 8-3 was kind of a slow part of the day.
When we returned to the boats, Anna tells us that we earned ANOTHER fresh water shower on shore. The most exciting part of the fresh water shower experience on shore is the fact we can run the water as long as I desire. After my 30 minute shower, Cat and I went to the market to buy some Diet Coke, Goldfish, cookies and ice cream (sorry Mom).
Before we set off for Peter Island, staff surprised us with a pizza dinner and a raft with Luna for the night. I’d say Day 18 was a success.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2016


Location: Road Harbor, Tortola
Author: Allie W.
This morning we were given the luxury of sleeping till 8:00 am, which was greatly appreciated by everyone on board. We started our day off with a nice breakfast of eggs and brownies that we made the night before. After our relaxed morning, we had a nice long shore time in West End, Tortola, where we started our adventure 17 days ago. Everyone was able to get in touch with friends and family and get some good food and souvenirs. We all returned to the boat around noon and headed out to sail to Road Harbor. The sail over was quite an experience, we ran into some huge waves and everyone on the bow was jumping around and getting soaked by the saltwater. Once we made it to Road Harbor, we docked the boats and got an interesting lesson on mangroves and their ecological importance to introduce our project for the afternoon. We then took the dinghy’s over to a mangrove restoration area and started working to take data on the mangroves, make sure they were all healthy, and replant some that didn’t make it. By the time we left, the day was over and we witnessed a beautiful sunset before returning to the dock for a real treat; we were able to take real showers! Everyone took showers on shore at the charter boat showers and returned to the boat clean and happy for Mexican night.

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2016

Mr. Crabby Broke His Leg!

Location: Brewers Bay, Tortola
Author: Elena M.
This morning was wonderfully low-key as we tidied up the boat together while waiting for the chefs to finish making pancakes; they were amazing! The kids from Jost Van Dyke arrived just as we were wrapping up cleanup. They hopped off the dinghy and we quickly buddied-up for the day. Once we were off the mooring ball (my buddy won the race against of disconnecting us!), we headed to Brewers Bay. People on the bow had a relaxing sail talking with their new friends while those of us down below took part in an intense card game of War. When we did get there, we inhaled some ramen and sandwiches and let them digest for a bit before getting out our snorkeling gear. The older students got into a dinghy and got towed as they searched for turtles to tag. They certainly put their all in it, but those turtles are SO FAST. Meanwhile, the younger kids headed over to a beach and we played in the sand and looked at a few fish in unbelievably clear water. After sailing back, we had a biter-sweet goodbye with all the kids we had met. It was really sad having to part ways with these kids that we had been hanging out with for the past few days, but it was also incredibly endearing to see how much we had meant to them. We were granted a bit of brief shore time to buy shirts, stickers and the like at Foxy’s. We then headed to West End, Tortola and had hot dogs and beans made underway. We had a low-key dinner and double squeeze and are now waiting for brownies. We’re all pooped from three long days with the kids and can’t wait to go to bed after dessert!

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