BVI: Session 2 - Moko Jumbie

Taco Thursday!

Location: Maddie H.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
This morning we woke up to songs from Alisa’s sick playlist, motivating us to get out of bed at only 7:00 am. After finishing our breakfast of bagels and yogurt, some shipmates worked on their rescue diver workbooks. Ali and I helped motor over to GHP while listening to pirate stories and original pollution songs by Oscar and Davis. During the sail, we had a lecture on Emergency First Response where we learned all about AB-CABS and Secondary Care. After the long but exciting sail to GHP, we ate a quick lunch of sandwiched and set up our dive gear for our second search and recovery dive. Today we used the expanding square pattern to locate a 10 lb dumbbell and then bring it to the surface with a lift bag. While Davis fixed our compressor, Oscar took us on joy rides in our dinghy, Pointy Burbon, and Hannah helped us make Turks head anklets. We then got to go on another dive on the RMS Rhone anchor. Next up was shower time which really means swimming around with Pelegrino for an hour and then finally putting soap on before dinner. Tonight was taco night which ended with a dance party to clean up! What a day!

Posted: Fri, Jul 14, 2017

BBQ Night

Location: Moriah H.
Author: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
To start our great day off, we had french toast. After cleaning up breakfast, we completed our search and recovery dive! It was so much fun completing a circular search pattern to find a plastic seashell, as well as completing the U search pattern to find the bluebell. Then in order to bring the bell up to the surface, we used a lift bag. We attached the bag to the bell with a round turn two half hitched and a bowline knot. When finished with the dive, we took showers and motored over to Leverick Bay where we ate lunch and shopped for souvenirs. After lunch, we came back to the boat and watched a two-hour emergency medical care video. Then we motored to Vixon Point for our BBQ! I am so excited for tonight!

Posted: Thu, Jul 13, 2017

A Peaceful Day

Location: Harrison K.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Today we woke up to dark stormy clouds, rain, lightning, and thunder. The night before it started raining around 10 pm and rained for most of the night. Anyways, no one let the gloomy weather affect our day. Instead of setting sail bright and early like usual, we stayed put, gathered all together in the salon, watched Jaws, and Davis who is our skipper made us egg sandwiches. After finishing breakfast and the majority of the movie, the ocean finally turned back to blue as it was stirred brown from the sand blown by the storm. We motored over to the Dogs where we did a training dive at a dive site called the Chimneys. These past couple of dives and today’s dive have been training for navigation and rescue skills. After we all successfully navigated what Davis called a parahexatriagalon, which was actually a pentagon. We came right back to Mountain Point which is in Virgin Gorda. We got back and hung out for a little then showered up, made dinner, and ate veggie burgers that were excellent. They were made by Paul and Maddie. We then squeezed and talked about our favorite part of the day and my question was “if you could have any superpower, what would it be?” I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s superpowers. Today was so much fun!

Posted: Wed, Jul 12, 2017

Baths Adventure

Location: Lilly M.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Today started off early with oatmeal underway, on our way to the Baths. We all got sunscreened up and headed over in our dinghy for a wet entry and swim to the beach where the Baths adventure started. Chessie, Lauren, and I walked through all the various caves and climbed up and down wooden steps until we reached a bigger beach on the other side. We hung out there for a while with other members of our boat as well as many other members of dive side. Out of nowhere, it started pouring rain and we got a nice fresh water rinse as well as some cool pictures. After a couple hours hanging out at the Baths, we headed over to Spanish Town for our first time at port and going on land since we set sails on Day 2. At Spanish Town, we all walked down to a restaurant for lunch. Once we finished lunch, we walked back over to the shops and then returned to our boat. After Spanish Town, we had a lovely sail over to Mountain Point where we are now for our dive. I got to drive for the first time this session which was awesome. Once we reached Mountain Point, we got all set up for a training dive, where we were to practice what to do with panicked, exhausted, and out of air divers underwater. We finished the day with beef stroganoff and for National Women in Diving Day, Alisa made us brown-ookies (brownies + cookies).

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