BVI: Session 2 - Moko Jumbie

Day 21- Staff Update

Location: Oscar
Author: West End, Tortola
Over the past three weeks aboard Moko Jumbie, we have seen our 13 shipmates grow into rescue divers, Emergency First Responders and above all else, incredible individuals. Lauren, Lilly, and Chess were our terrific trio, excelling at our numerous navigation dives. Harrison and Paul were the boats premiere search and recovery divers, while Allie and Maddy excelled at the implementation of lift bags underwater. Kaleigh, Moriah, and Ella were our Emergency First Response experts, leading the pack during our scenario training. Will, Jackson, and Hannah were our star oxygen providers on Moko Jumbie this session, being the first to set up and give O2 during our training sessions. These past 21 days have been a blast, and we are proud to say that we have trained 13 exceptional rescue divers, and we are thoroughly excited to see what they do in the future.

Posted: Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Last Day on Moko

Location: Moriah H.
Author: West End, Tortola
To begin this beautiful day, everyone ate some cereal and got ready for our last dive of the trip. The dive site was called the Indians and it was so beautiful. Some people couldn’t dive so instead they started to clean the boat and two others went snorkeling. When everyone got up from the dive, Oscar, Davis, and Alisa briefed us on what needed to happen which was a deep clean of the boat. On our motor back to West End we packed our bags, cleaned our cabins and heads, the salon, and outside of the boat. After we finished cleaning we had shore time for lunch and to shop around. When we got back to the boat, we put on our bathing suits and took deck showers. After we changed into our evening clothes, we had a BBQ with the entire AQ fleet at West End. I’m so sad to leave and I will miss everyone so much!

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017

The Beginning of the End

Location: Harrison K.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
Today was a very fun but sad day. It started off with us waking up bright and early in GHP. We motored over to the parks ball to go diving, but only 8 of us went diving due to ear infections and things. It is okay though because it was just a fun dive and everyone who was feeling bad is feeling 100% better now! Anyway, after our dive we relaxed and pumped tanks before sailing to Road Town. We all got a good amount of shore time then got back onto our boats to RAC dive side to Norman Island. We started off in 1st place but ended up in 3rd place out of the 4 dive side boats.We all had fun so it’s all good! After the race, we all ended up at the Bight which is an anchorage on Norman Island. Shortly after arriving, our staff left for a meeting which left dinner up to us. It turned out amazing and we all had a great time making and eating broccoli cheddar pasta. After that, our staff returned so we cleaned up and then had our after-dinner squeeze. We are all writing cards to each other now so I have to go, but for those who don’t know, we write a card to everyone on our boat that contains funny memories and nice thoughts.

Posted: Tue, Jul 25, 2017

Passing Rescue!

Location: Lilly M.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today we started off with cereal on our way to wreck alley. Once we got to wreck alley, we did two dives, one that took us to two cool wrecks and one on Blue Chromis reef, a site we have dove before. Between these two dives, we had a rescue scenario! In this scenario, two divers were missing and one ended up being “unconscious” while the other was panicked on the surface. After our second dive, we headed back to GHP and took a rescue test. We had breakfast for dinner and found out the exciting news that we all passed Rescue. Yay!!

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