BVI: Session 1 - Moko Jumbie

Posted: Thu, Jul 6, 2017

Staff Update

Location: Oscar, Maddy, and Davis
Author: West End, Tortola
The past three weeks on Moko Jumbie have been nothing short of exceptional. We started out this session with 12 advanced divers excited to learn, and we are finishing with 12 certified rescue divers. All three of us staff on board Moko Jumbie are so proud of every single one of our new rescue divers. Brooke and Gabbie conquered the trials of navigation dives like professionals while Luke and Cam learned and mastered the use of a lift bag with ease. Rowan and Jackson proved to be incredible during our out-of-water emergency exercises. Robert and Maddie were always the first in the water during the rescue training scenarios and Eli and Keally were wizards at ascending with unresponsive divers. When it comes to rescue CPR on the surface, Zach and Ava were always first on scene, doing an incredible job. Each and every student onboard Moko Jumbie has grown so much during this short time, but we sincerely hope they all continue their diving and excel in all of their endeavors.

Posted: Wed, Jul 5, 2017

A Completed Cycle

Location: Cam T.
Author: West End, Tortola
We woke up today at 6:30 with heavy hearts knowing that our trip was coming to an end. We then ate our last breakfast away from port and motored out to the Indians for our last dive. We proceeded to jump in the water to look at the beautiful reef along the shallow wall. We got out of the water filled with excitement and eager to talk about the things we saw. After this brief period of awe and enjoyment, we were hit hard by the process of cleaning the boat. We worked for hours to remove every spot and stain that was on the boat. Our hard work came to an end when we reached West End. We were able to buy cold drinks and eat a good burger at Pusser’s. We then proceeded to enjoy our final night together as a boat during the closing BBQ. We have grown remarkably close together and are almost like a family. It is certain that we will remain in contact for years to come.

Posted: Tue, Jul 4, 2017

Fun on the Fourth!

Location: Brooke A.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
Today we woke up bright and early and the chefs made some delicious pancakes. We ate as we made our way to the Fearless wreck dive site. We all hopped in the water and got to explore the wreck. As soon as we surfaced, we had a scenario where we rescued two divers that were in the water. It was extremely wavy so the rescue was more challenging than normal but we were still able to use our skills and help. After the dive, the staff told us we were officially rescue divers. We filled out our paperwork as we headed to Road Town. Once we got there, we got to go on shore for a couple of hours. After port, it was time for the dive side race. Our boat came in third place and before we knew it, we were at the Bight. We are spending our last night out on the water here writing our cards.

Posted: Mon, Jul 3, 2017


Location: Ava G.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
We woke up this morning only to discover orange hand sanitizer and green milk… we’d been pranked! After a breakfast of cereal, we sailed to wreck alley so we could lead our own dives on the astonishing wrecked ships. Along with the 4 ships, we saw 3 stingrays and a lionfish. While we waited for our tanks to be pumped, we saw a ship on the horizon that was on fire. The US Coast Guard was quickly alerted by a nearby ship though. Soon after, Pure Joy joined us for a “fun activity”. Of course, we heard WHITE SQUALL, meaning we had our second rescue scenario. Luckily, we were able to help all 3 divers. Pure Joy informed us that they had pranked us and several other boats. The prank war had begun! After they left, we continued to study for our rescue diver exam tonight. Many of us also went snorkeling. After we got out of the water, we sailed back to GHP. We continued to refresh our knowledge of DCI, DCS, air embolisms, pneumothorax, subcutaneous emphysema and mediastinal emphysema. Maddy led us through CPR and EFR scenarios. After our yummy dinner, we watched Happy Our scavenge for a goat to put on Pure Joy for the prank war. Spoiler alert: they couldn’t find a goat. Now, we are preparing to take our exam. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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