BVI: Session 3 - Pure Joy

Posted: Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Staff Update!

Location: Davis, Alisa, and Emelia
Author: West End, Tortola
What a wonderful way to end the summer. All of the staff were amazed by how quickly everybody came together. Luka and Lucy’s smiles brightened up everyone’s days and made even the hardest tasks seem fun. Chloe, Nat, and Savannah all did a great job learning navigation, wreck diving, and fish identification, while also starting do dive on their own! Eli and Ethan were an incredible dive team, always there to help out a group that didn’t learn as fast as they did. Elan was a strong leader during the rescue scenarios and wowed us with his knowledge of the ocean. Even though Claudia has been to Action Quest so many times before, she was able to make a new experience with new friends. Molly and Diya were also great dive buddies in the rescue program, always the first ones in the water and the last ones out.
We’re so sad to see everyone leave, but are very excited to find out how they grow in the coming year.

Posted: Mon, Aug 14, 2017

Cleaning Day!

Location: Savannah P.
Author: West End, Tortola
Today was the last full day of activity on Pure Joy. Today started with the shocking realization that our beloved inflatable duck went missing while we were sleeping. Even though the loss of a friend saddened us all we pushed through and began our morning. We had oatmeal and cereal before leaving for the last dive of our trip. It was a fun day for everyone and it was also the first time the Neptunes and Rescues dove together. After the dive, we started cleaning up our home for the past 17 days. While we were cleaning we sailed back to West End so we could finish the trip off right. We had a barbecue on the dock to end the night.

Posted: Sun, Aug 13, 2017

Only One More Day!

Location: Ethan R.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
Today we started with cereal and then quickly moved on to some of our favorite last activities. Some of us went water skiing or knee boarding while the rest of us went diving. There was just sand below the boat so we put on extra weights and went down and played ninja at the bottom. After, we went to Road Town to eat lunch and walk around. We then had the dive side sail race to The Bight, Norman Island. We won the race in our hearts but did not actually win. Dinner was Franks and Beans and we finished the day off with some preemptive cleaning.

Posted: Sat, Aug 12, 2017

When the Journey Comes to an End…

Location: Natalie S.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Last night, I slept outside under the stars and they were amazingly bright. It was an unforgettable feeling to wake up to the rising sun. The Neptunes finished up their wreck specialty dives today at a site called Kissing Wrecks which has three wrecks next to each other. The Rescues studied for their tests and did rescue scenarios. They did so well and the Neptunes feel so safe around them now! After all of the training and preparation for the exam, they deserved something joyful so they went on a fun dive at Blue Chromis Reef. The Neptunes hung out on Luna Kahuna and enjoyed making new friends and diving under the shining sun. I’m sure we are all going to be really tan when we return home. When everyone returned to their boats, we all moved back to GHP. The Neptunes took the lead in the kitchen and instead of the usual dinner meal, they made breakfast! During this time, the Rescues took their exam and I’m sure they did really well. The Neptunes have their exam tonight! During the squeeze tonight I realized that our boat has become a family. When the journey is about to end you realize how much you love this place and these people. You start to appreciate every single minute and every hour feels like a second. In the BVIs you don’t look at your watch because time doesn’t matter, people matter. It’s my last time being a skipper and writing to you, me, us. I want to say just one thing: this journey was an unforgettable experience that made me become a different person, make new friends, try new things, and learn a lot about a sailor/ diver life, as well as, about myself. I faced my fears and stepped out of my comfort zone and it was absolutely amazing.

Posted: Fri, Aug 11, 2017

Fun Day

Location: Luka B.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today was mainly a study day for our EFR exam so we studied hard and it was super fun. First, we woke up and got to work studying and ate breakfast. We played trivia which was super fun and we all learned a lot. The second thing we did today was play in the water for a bit and then got back to studying. We then ate dinner and it was so good. In a little bit, we will be taking the EFR exam so wish us luck!

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