BVI: Session 2 - Pure Joy

Posted: Thu, Jul 20, 2017

Summer Bay!

Location: Max H.
Author: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
Today we woke up to the sound of fellow shipmates singing Happy Birthday to one of our shipmates, Darius, for his 14th birthday! Soon after, we were underway to our next dive site where we promptly ate breakfast (eggs and blueberry muffins). Into the dinghy, we went and Pure Joy Neptunes split into two groups, one headed to Happy Our and the other to Luna Kahuna. Upon arrival, we unloaded our gear, were briefed by Justin and eagerly waited our turn to jump in. During our briefing, we discovered this would be an almost entirely hands-off fun dive. My dive buddy today was George and we had an amazing time during flips underwater, playing frisbee with our fins, and having foot races underwater. After the dive, we relaxed on Luna Kahuna and were hailed back to Pure Joy for lunch. Following lunch, we were brought to the beach with the other boats where we played multiple beach games and swam around in the ocean. When we came back to Pure Joy, Clark helped me take awesome and funny blog pictures with everyone aboard. After the picture, Aline, George, and I helped clean the sleek black charcoal stains on the boat that were unloaded for a beach party I am currently unprepared for. Either way, we are headed into shore soon and that sums up Day 13 aboard Pure Joy. I am excited to see what the beach party and the finishing days at ActionQuest will bring!

Posted: Wed, Jul 19, 2017

We Love Day 12!

Location: Isabelle G.
Author: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Today was definitely a day to remember. After waking up to our Morning CD soundtrack, we finally got a chance to be in full control of the boat for a few hours as our awesome counselors had to attend a staff meeting. While they were away, we got to relax and eat delicious pancakes made by Clark and Alex (today’s chefs). When our counselors got back, we surprised them with pancakes and soon set sail to Mountain Point where we would go scuba diving at a shipwreck called the Kodiak Queen. Diving at the Kodiak Queen today was incredible! We saw so many different fish of various species while swimming through the wreck. Once we surfaced from our dive, we were able to reflect on all the cool things we saw in the water. After that, we motored to Muskmelon Bay where we would spend the night. The ride there was so much fun! We got to jam out to some music and also got to watch an exclusive concert performed by Sofia which was totally awesome and now we know every word to Don’t Stop Believin’. After anchoring in Muskmelon Bay, we ate some super yummy chili for dinner and got to talk about our love for Day 12. Now we are currently getting ready for the night dive. I am so excited because once we surface from this dive we will be officially certified night divers! So far today has been the best day ever! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Posted: Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Day 11

Location: Darius d.
Author: Marina Cay
Today we kicked off with cereal for breakfast. Then we motored to Mario’s for a dive. The Dolphins did underwater photo training dive #2 and the Neptunes did their boat diver training. After the dive, we had tuna sandwiches for lunch. We did the dishes on our way to Trellis Bay where we all called home and bought snacks. Then we had a quick motor to Marina Cay where we are right now. We decided to pick up a mooring ball instead of the anchor. After showering, we had some yummy tortellini with sauce. Now we are about to leave for a Lifeworks forum. This was an amazing day! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Posted: Sun, Jul 16, 2017

A Fun-Filled Day

Location: Molly M.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today we all woke up early to get a head start on our fun-filled day. We ate breakfast underway, sailing to one of the most famous shipwrecks in the BVIs. It is called the Rhone and is where many people lost their lives to a hurricane that cause their ship to wreck. We were first briefed on the historical significance of the Rhone before we went to explore its mysteries. When we got down there we saw two eels, a lobster, and many colorful and beautiful fishes. When we surfaced we hopped on the boat and motored over to Salt Island. This beautiful place is where brave people risked their lives for the unfortunate souls on the Rhone. They pulled victims ashore and gave them a proper burial. The Queen of England was so amazed by this that she gave the people the island and their only tax was to give her salt every year. We first walked to Salt Island’s cemetery and paid our respects. Then we hiked up Salt Island and reached the top and saw a beautiful view. After, we ate really good soup and moved back to GHP. We reached GHP and went snorkeling to take a look at what we are going to be diving near tonight. Then we swam in the water for a bit and ate dinner. We did squeeze after, which is where the skipper of the day asks a question and the whole boat answers. The point is to really listen to each other’s answers. Now I am just looking over the beautiful harbor and thinking about what we’re going to see on our night dive. I would love to see a reef shark, octopus, stingray, and a turtle. Wish us luck!

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