BVI: Session 3 - Peeps Larou

Posted: Thu, Aug 15, 2013

Day 16 – Home Sweet Home

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Madison D
Everyone woke up this morning with mixed emotions. Sad, anxious, excited and nervous. Today was our last official full day in our wonderful boat we have learned to consider home. The laughs and memories we have built on this ship will never be forgotten, We woke up early to a long day ahead of us. Most of us went diving early this morning after our familiar daily breakfast cleaning routine of course. Although no 15 year old I know likes to wash dishes there was a sweet sadness thinking about how to was our last morning breakfast cleanup together. Right after our dive, we started with our big final ship cleanup. This consisted of wiping our cabin ceilings, floors, head, emptying food and much more hard boar we did not seem to mind doing. As we motor on to West End we sit and listen to the itinerary for the last night here in paradise. We will clear out the boat and countdown the hours until our last BBQ. It has been the most amazing experience being here and getting to know some incredible people. We all are crazy; some of us more than others but the fact that we could all accept each other for who we are is what made us such a family. I have been some genuinely content sailing around with my best friends who were absolute strangers to me one month ago. In less than 48 hours I will be flying my way back to lovely Canada. I can almost taste the maple syrup already! There is nothing like home sweet home.

Final Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Marina K
The tanks are full, the dive gear dry, the sails flaked, papers are graded, clothes off the lines, bags are packed to the brim, and the summer finally draws to a close and the members of Peeps Larou take a moment to enjoy that last few moments of each others company before we head back to our respective homes. These past 17 days have been ones that I’m sure none of our crew will soon forget as we have dove some amazing sites, sailed around beautiful islands, and laughed until it hurt more times than we can count. We knew instantly from the moment we left the dock that this was a unique group of shipmates but we didn’t quite realize exactly how much they would change us and makes this trip one for the books. It has been amazing to watch our students grow as shipmates, divers, sailors, and people and we are going to sorely miss the elephants running around our heads at night. There are so many wonderful things about each of them, its hard to pick what we will miss most. There would have been many morning that would have been much harder to get through without the wonderful galley skills of Jaye. Kyle was always around to lend a helping hand whenever we were coming into port or up to a mooring ball. Julia’s amazing sailing skills brought us home the win in the Dive Side Dehydrator regatta, the first for Peeps for the summer! Preston’s professional DJing skills made any clean up session or long sail much more exciting. Laurel, our solo Neptune on board, rocked it out in the diving world as she became our only Advanced Diver for the session. Mariel’s passion for all things science was especially shown in her research project presentations. Johns energy and jokes kept us all laughing and ready to take on even the longest afternoon. Colette and Maddy Ts stories provided endless entertainment on board. It was physically impossible to be sad around Maddie D as she seemed to always have a huge smile. Ryan was our head anchor man while Matt ran our mooring team. As you can see, the Peeps team would never be the same if we were missing a single individual. We were truly a lucky group to wind up with such an amazing team and it was the best way for us to end the summer. Thanks for the great ride everyone, best of luck in all your future adventures!

Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Day 15 – Race Day

Location: The Bite, Norman Island
Author: Julia L
Today was an awesome day for the Peeps! We started by waking to our lovely morning CD in Great Harbor, Peter Island, then eating some oatmeal for breakfast. After that, we went on one of our last dives of the summer which was cool. Me and my buddy, Mariel, saw cool stuff like Blue Tang, Parrotfish and some squid. After our dive we motored off towards Rhode Town. We had been anticipating this part for some time. Rhode Town is one of the biggest cities in the BVI and has a large variety of restaurants, shops, and a huge grocery store. The locals were very kind and always smiled and said hello when you walked past them. We were there for a few hours, ate lunch and bought some things as well. When 1:45 came upon my watch we headed back to the dock, hopped in our dinghy and went back to our lovely boat. After some pep talks and preparation, all the catamarans lined up and the countdown started as the 3 dive side boats pulled our jibs and began our race! I was at the helm since I was skipper of the day and my competitive instinct kicked in. We started off slow but in a matter of minutes were were sailing high and mighty and left the other 2 boats in our trial. We crossing the finish line in 1st place and all my boat members had big smiles and congratulated me on the job I did driving. This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. We were awarded an Action Quest The Dive Side Dehydrator trophy and took some victory pictures. Shortly after we ate some cake to celebrate Matt’s early birthday. Today was a fantastic day and was we came to the close of our trip, winding up with a trophy in our hands isn’t a bad way to depart from paradise.

Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Day 13 – Where it All Began

Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island
Author: Colette G
Today Peeps Larou woke up bright and early to motor over to West End. West End is a great port with many restaurants and a large supermarket (we love to snack!) Its hard to believe that only thirteen days ago, we boarded our boats from this particular dock. After a few hours of shopping, we raised our sails to make our way to Great Harbor Peter. Even though it was the second time wed been here the amazing view still left us in awe. A few of the shipmates went for a dive along the coral reef while myself and a few others stayed aboard to make some last minute touch ups on our research papers, which are due tonight. All of the dolphins have successfully finished their work and are only one dive down from finishing all of our certifications tonight; the peeps will join Distant Drums, another ship, for dinner. As the days here in the BVI are slowly fading, each member of this boat embraces every second of this amazing trip that we have left.

Posted: Sun, Aug 11, 2013

Day 12 – The Playgrounds

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Preston S
Today we got to sleep in for an extra two hours. That started the day off right, We woke up at 8:00 and had a delicious oatmeal breakfast. We set up our dive gear right after breakfast and waited anxiously for our first dive of the day. We pulled up on a mooring ball right above a dive sight called the playgrounds. The instructors informed us that this sight was called the Playgrounds because big sea creatures came there to lay.When we got back from our first dive, we broke down our dive gear had lunch, set up our dive gear and descended for our second underwater experience of the day. Apart from all, the beautifully colored fish and sea creatures, the most amazing thing I saw was an octopus. After coming up from our second dive we prepared for our program wide BBQ on the beach. We had delicious burgers and infinite amounts of Chips Ahoy and action punch (pineapple and sprite). We came back to our boat late at night, after a bonfire on the beach and fell asleep under the stars. I would also like to say that there is no place that I would rather be then in the British Virgin Islands with my 11 best friends and a 46 foot floating home that rocks us to sleep every night under the endlessly starry night.PS I saw a velvet parrot fish and a snapper on my dive : )

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