BVI: Session 2 - Happy Our

Deep Water Diving!

Location: Stella L.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today, a few of us woke up bright and early at 6:10 am to pouring rain. After getting another 60 minutes of sleep inside, we started off our day with yogurt and bagels. Soon, we set sail for GHP. During the sail, the Neptune shipmates worked on their wreck and deep diver knowledge reviews to prepare for their lectures later on. After lunch and a lecture on deep diving, we dove to 70 feet and cracked an egg underwater. We were able to pass around the yoke in a circle, almost like a bouncy ball. Once we finished our super cool dive with Justin, we did a MAJOR clean up of the entire boat. The clean took a couple hours and a lot of hard work, but the boat is now perfect and squeaky clean. It is now day 8 and I honestly could not be happier. I absolutely love the people I am surrounded by and I am so lucky to be exposed to the amazing opportunities ActionQuest has to offer. The dives keep getting more interesting as the days go by and I am confident that we are all improving as divers!

Posted: Fri, Jul 14, 2017


Location: Julien M.
Author: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Today was lit. We awoke to the awesome french toast followed by an Underwater Naturalist/ Fish ID dive. Although we got lost on the dive and surfaced fairly far from the boat, we made it back okay. After a short sail, we headed to shore for lunch and groceries. The Dolphins went on a cool snorkel in the mangroves while the Neptunes attended their boat diver lecture. Later we met at the beach and played some games. After showers, we headed to the beach for a BBQ and a dance party. Followed by a dinghy ride back to the boat. I can’t wait for another night dive in 2 days!

Posted: Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Location: Ben C.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
This morning we woke up to the sounds of sharp thunder and bright lightning. With poor visibility, we realized that the morning was not going to go as planned. While we originally planned for two dives today, the rain limited us to one in the afternoon. Instead, we decided to gather on the Blue Lagoon and chose Mean Girls from a variety of movies because Zoolander (best movie ever) kept freezing. It was so fetching! We ate scrambled eggs and lots of fruit for breakfast. Then we decided what the plan for the rest of the day would be when the weather cleared up. We moved to the Dogs so that we could dive the airplane wreck at Coral Gardens. We got to swim through the airplane and we saw some gnarly butterflyfish, horse-eye jacks, and barracuda. After the dive, we ate some delicious ramen noodles and motored back to Mountain Point. We then attended our lectures (Dolphins had their underwater naturalist lecture and Neptunes had their Fish ID lecture). We enjoyed some leisure time before dinner, swimming with our floats and showering. For dinner, we had some fantastic garden burgers and then had a lifeworks forum.

Posted: Wed, Jul 12, 2017

The Baths

Location: Molly R.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
This morning we woke up after LoLo attempted to get us up three times before. After our breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, we sailed to the Baths to explore. Jaqi, Genevieve, and I decided to climb to the highest boulder that we could see and the view was amazing! It started drizzling so we went back to the beach to see the rest of our shipmates. We all jumped off this crazy boulder into the water and spent the rest of the morning wandering through the paths. After the Baths, we sailed to Spanish Town to get lunch and shop around. The whole boat stayed together for lunch which I loved because it just showed how much we bonded in just a few days. Then we all went to get ice cream and friendship bracelets. We stumbled into a cute little shop and bought our boat a pirate flag and an ice cream sandwich pool float. After Spanish Town, we went to the Kraken, a dive site that we are going to explore tonight! We snorkeled the site to get our bearings then started on dinner. I can’t wait to see how our boat bonds overnight diving!

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