BVI: Session 2 - Happy Our

Posted: Thu, Jul 20, 2017

BBQ 2 and Dive Acrobatics

Location: Ben C.
Author: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
We woke up this morning at 6:30 am in the stunning Muskmelon Bay. Enjoying the sunrise and slowly getting the eggs started we prepped for breakfast. We then cooked and ate on the move to our next location, just off of Sommer’s Beach. There, the Dolphins and Neptunes split up. The Dolphins went diving at Monkey Point while the Neptunes enjoyed a fun dive in the white sand. It was one of the most fun dives ever. Many of us jumped in without our fins and at the bottom, practiced flipping by kicking off of each other and we made stacks by sitting on each other’s shoulders. Although there was hardly any marine life, a stingray and 3 goatfish followed us for the duration of the dive. Later, it was time for lunch and we had vegetable soup. After we went to the beach to relax and play games with all of dive side, we stayed ashore for a few hours until we went back to the boat to prepare for tonight’s BBQ. Once we’d arrived at the BBQ it began to rain and we got soaked but eventually, it lightened up and we were able to dry off. The BBQ was fun and we got to relax and hang out with the whole AQ fleet. It was beautiful. As we were preparing to leave it began raining again. We rushed to find Justin to get back to Happy Our. Once aboard we got into warm clothes, set up the blue lagoon and gathered to watch Ratatouille. Hopefully, because it rained today it won’t rain tonight!

Posted: Wed, Jul 19, 2017

The Kodiak Queen and an Inking Squid

Location: John C.
Author: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
This morning for the first time in a while, we got to sleep in past 7. To add to this good mood that everyone was already in, the chefs made delicious pancakes. While we cleaned up for breakfast and waited for the staff to get back from their meeting, we blasted the music and had a great time. Once the staff got back, we began our 2 hour motor to Mountain Point. It was a rough and rocky ride but it was worth it once we reached Mountain Point. At Mountain Point, we planned on officially diving the Kodiak Queen. We previously dove this site a few days ago for our first-night dive but no one could really see much of the shipwreck and it was nothing compared to this dive! At about 60 feet, we entered the wreck and swam through the entire thing. It was an incredible dive. We didn’t see much fish but just going through the wreck like an obstacle course and seeing all the graffiti and the rooms were really fascinating and a lot of fun! After the dive, we ate lunch and swam around the boat with the barracudas. The chefs cooked another great meal of chili and rice once we got to Muskmelon Bay. We were joined by ActionQuest director Mike Meighan for dinner. After dinner, we did a lifeworks activity with Mike and then finished cleaning up. The final event of the day was our LAST night dive which would be different than the others because we would be leading it ourselves. Everyone navigated successfully and completed a safe dive. While I personally didn’t see a lot of aquatic life, some of my shipmates did. Megan and Jaqi saw a pufferfish, Kyle and Julien saw 2 giant lobsters, and Stella and Jenna saw a squid which inked on them! The night ended with Justin making us all brownies and taking a nice freshwater shower. While we may be done with night diving, we still have plenty of amazing dives scheduled for the next few days!

Posted: Tue, Jul 18, 2017


Location: Genevieve D.
Author: Marina Cay
A beautiful BVI sunrise woke the Happy Our vessel at a lovely hour of 6:45 am. After a gourmet breakfast of various cereals and juice, we set off to Ginger Island, a secluded dive spot that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. All of this occurred after a dolphin was spotted at breakfast and Stella jumped in fully clothed to rescue Biz’s bikini bottoms. After many bumpy hours on the trampoline, getting all of the shipmates soaking wet, we arrived at the dive site called Ginger Steps. Our hopes were high as we entered the water with a giant stride. There was an abundance of brightly colored fish that greeted us during our descent. The entire dive site was absolutely beautiful as we meandered along the coral wall. The climax of the dive (and our trip thus far, in my opinion) occurred when a Caribbean reef shark was spotted in the distance. Our very first shark sighting! With spirits high, we then headed to Trellis Bay for delicious, traditional Caribbean meals of jerk chicken and virgin pina coladas. Then we had a dinghy ride back to the boat that got us all drenched while we transported all of our junk food. A quick ocean shower and spaghetti dinner followed. Then we headed to a Lifeworks forum with the entire ActionQuest fleet. Overall, today was an exciting adventure, concluding a successful Tuesday in the beautiful BVIs.

Posted: Mon, Jul 17, 2017

Research Dive Day for Dolphins!

Location: Lauren H.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
We first started our day at 6:45 am and then around 7, we had breakfast burritos which were really good. At 9:30, all of the Dolphins went over to Luna Kahuna and the Neptunes all went to Happy Our to dive the Fearless wreck. The Dolphins went on their first research dive of the session which was a benthic survey. After we finished the dive, we had a starfish dissection and it was really fun and interesting. When we all got back to our boats, we ate grilled cheese. Then we played some good music and cleaned up.After the Neptunes went to Pure Joy for an equipment lecture, while the Dolphins worked on our project proposals and our marine biology quiz. We went swimming after and saw 4 barracudas right under the boat. Then we started making dinner, playing music, and dancing. When dinner was ready we ate and watched an amazing sunset. After dinner and clean up, we watched Peter Pan and went to bed.

Posted: Sun, Jul 16, 2017

Fly Hunting and Stingray Dodging

Location: James L.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Our day got off to an early start with wake up at 6:15 and a breakfast of oatmeal at 6:30. We then motored over to the dive site which was a wreck called the RMS Rhone. We got our gear together then went down to explore the wreck. The dive was really cool, especially the part when we swam through the sunken ship. We got back to the boat and then made a quick trip over to the Salt Island. We were briefed on the history of the island then hopped in the dinghy to meet the rest of dive side ashore. The short hike up to the top of the island was refreshing and good exercise to help us prepare for the long hike in a few days. Many of us took pictures together at the top before we walked back down to the dock and got picked up again. The hot soup scheduled for lunch today did not sound appetizing to any of us after the hike in the hot sun, but it ended up being pretty good! We then moved back to GHP and snorkeled the area which we would later be night diving in. We saw a flounder and a turtle. When I climbed back on board, Ben just finished killing every fly on the boat. The chefs soon began dinner while the rest of us got some chill time. After dinner, everyone got ready for the night dive. Our long day came to a close after the dive and we all went to sleep early.

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