BVI: Session 3 - Happy Our

Posted: Thu, Aug 10, 2017

The Playgrounds

Location: Tyler S.
Author: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Today started with the boat motoring to Sandy Spit. When we arrived the Rescues left to go to Pure Joy to take part in a search and recovery dive as well as their first rescue scenario of the trip. After finishing most of their training, they were finally able to put their skills to use. The Dolphins went on their first dive at the Playgrounds to work on their projects while the Neptunes went on a fun dive and saw a shark and two squids. After the first dive, we pumped tanks and ate lunch while waiting to go down for the second dive. During the second dive, the Rescues, Neptunes, and Dolphins all went on a fun dive at the Playgrounds. Following that, everyone went swimming around the boat and scrubbed the hulls. The day ended with a BBQ on Sandy Spit and a beautiful sunset.

Posted: Wed, Aug 9, 2017

Something Cool

Location: Catherine S.
Author: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke
The day started with a quick trip over to Brewers Bay which provided various activities for the Rescues, Dolphins, and Neptunes. The Rescues split off to complete their last navigation dive. It was a hexagon scavenger hunt and even in the low visibility, everyone did it correctly! After the navigation dive, the Rescue students learned about providing oxygen and practiced the procedure for getting an “unresponsive” diver back onto the boat. I was able to lift my partner Olivia up and onto the boat! The Rescues also decided on the new code word for rescue drills, which is now “something cool”. This means that at any time of the day or night, the staff can yell “something cool” and we are responsible for correctly saving the pretend victim in the situation. Now we are all eagerly awaiting for the code word… all of us think that we will have a rescue scenario tonight. We then all met up together for a fun dive to end the day. Dinner was the best because we had summertime thanksgiving!

Posted: Tue, Aug 8, 2017

Pancake Morning!

Location: Rachel W.
Author: Array
The Happy Our crew awoke to the remains of a storm which was an incredible team bonding experience the previous day. The morning was unsurprisingly still foggy and cold but filled with pancakes. After breakfast, the Rescues moved to Pure Joy and spent five hours in the water training. The Neptunes had an opportunity to plan their own dive and descend without any instructors. During this time, the Dolphins completed a roving fish survey dive for their research diver specialty. They were also given the opportunity to hear about turtle tagging which will be completed tomorrow. The group got back together at dinner and was lucky enough to have Mike (the director of AQ) join us for dinner. The Neptunes and Dolphins have a night dive tonight and the Rescues have a lecture! Now if you will excuse us, we need to rest up. See you in a week!

Posted: Mon, Aug 7, 2017

Almost a Hurricane

Location: Benny B.
Author: Array
Today started off like any other AQ day The Rescues did our navigation dive and the Dolphins did a research dive while the Neptunes dove the Fearless wreck. After this, we headed to Road Town and the Rescues learned CPR. Today in Road Town there was a parade but most of us did not attend because of the rain. We then set off for Marina Cay. While underway the light rain and small surf slowly got heavier and bigger. While the other shipmates were on the trampoline, they got more and more soaked. Elliot the Go-Beyond instructor told me that we were at the tail end of the storm. Not more than five minutes later, it was blowing 40 knots and the swells were a lot bigger. Cat looked over at me and asked if I was okay driving and I replied with this is the best day of my life and I can cross this off of my bucket list. Then we arrived at Marina Cay to settle in for the night and have our Lifeworks forum on each of our boats.

Posted: Sun, Aug 6, 2017

Dolphins, Turtles, and Rays OH MY!

Location: Reily C.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
We started the day with a beautiful sunrise over the cliffs of Cooper Island. We went around the back side of Salt Island to get to the Rhone. On the way, we encountered a pod of bottlenose dolphins that danced and played off the bow of our boat. During our dive on the RMS Rhone, we exited the swim through and ran into a Hawksbill sea turtle that joined us on the swim back to the mooring line. We then moved to the leeward side of Salt Island and got shuttled to the beach. We went on a beautiful hike to the windward side of the island to see an astonishing view of the waves crashing against the cliffs. When we returned back to the boat, we were happily surprised by the delicious smell of freshly prepared grilled cheese. After lunch, we motored to Great Harbor, Peter Island to complete our second search and recovery dive. The Dolphins and Neptunes went snorkeling along the reef to explore their night dive site. Dinner tonight was broccoli cheddar risotto and chicken caesar salad. We watched the sunset together during our daily squeeze. Now we (Rescues) are heading to Pure Joy for a rescue lecture while the Dolphins and Neptunes go on their second-night dive.

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