BVI: Session 1 - Spindrift II

Posted: Sun, Jul 5, 2015

Day 20 Last day in paradise

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Jade M.
After a long night of writing our goodbye note cards, this morning was a little slow in getting going but once we all got up and got going, things became pretty fast paced! We motored over to a dive site called the Indians and went for our very last dive of the session! Griffin managed to lose the boat for a bit but found it in the end! After everyone was out of the water we began to head back to West End and clean the entire boat! It took us about 4 hours but when we arrived at West End we had completed all our jobs and were able to have some free time in town. At 5:00 we all returned to take dock showers and get ready for the final BBQ! We just now had our final squeeze and got to talk about our favorite memories like Bryce hiking for 7 miles in flip flops, Alisa’s and Caleb’s awesome dancing and finally all the crazy talks and jokes that have gone on during our time. It is sad to think this trip is over but it has been an awesome time with our crazy cool boat family!

Day 20 Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Alissa M.
What an amazing 20 days this has been! From having nine newly certified rescue divers on our boat to our dolphin students tagging their first turtle, it has been such a fun ride. We are so proud of all these shipmates have accomplished and all the hard work they have come together as a ream and rallied behind each other as encourage-rs and friends. this being my first group as a new AQ staff member I couldn’t be more thankful to have had this specific group, full of strong personalities and bursting with fun and laughter. Connor never gave anything but his best and encouraged us all to work as hard as he did. Grace graced us with all her kindness and open nature. Bryce was our youngest shipmate but possibly the bravest and so eager to learn everything he could. Julie was our role model of how to be a best friend, always honest, loyal and there to give you a hug. Ian amazed us all with his maturity and honesty. Jade showed us how to be good-heated and keep a positive outlook (despite her hurt ankle!). Fluffy was our class clown and always kept a smile on all our faces. Caleb showed us all up on the dance floor and taught us all how to be comfortable in your own skin. Emily was always cracking jokes but knows exactly when to get down to business and work hard. Pando was always there to be a helping hand and bring the group together to accomplish our daily goals. Griffin was our boat DJ and certified MC and it made the not so fun daily responsibilities fun and exciting. Ryan was our 5 star chef and we all ate better thanks to his expertise. Eva was there to bring our attention to the sunsets with her gorgeous sketches and remind us to take time to appreciate the little things. I will never forget them, this boat will always be close to my heart and I so hope to see them all next summer and greet them back on this dock with loud screams and hugs, I love you all!


Day 19 Action Cook, Action Clean

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Bryce M.
We woke up fairly early in order to see the beautiful sunrise but unfortunately mountains were in the way. We had a delicious pancake breakfast. After breakfast we entered the water and went diving. When we finally got to port in Road Town everyone ate. We also went to the grocery store and bought tons of soda and snacks, even though we only have a couple of days left in the trip. Sadly, one of our engines died so we could not participate in the race. During the time we had to wait for the engine repairs the cleaning process began. We had to literally bleach everything. After our engines were restored, we headed out to the Bight which is a harbor where we ended up anchoring for the night.

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