Global: Session 1 - Darwin: Ecuador & Galapagos

Posted: Thu, Jun 30, 2011

Vacations over

Location: Santa Cruz
Author: Annabelle and Sydney
The day started out with an optional 5:45 am wake up to explore and see the sun rise on North Seymour Island. We chose to sleep in but we heard that they saw many Friggit Birds, iguanas and sea lions. While some were on this walk, we woke up to pack for our departure from the Amigo back to Santa Cruz. After a morning full of travel from boat to bus to boat back to bus, we arrived at Hotel Castro. We separated into our rooms and then soon left to the Darwin Center to begin our first day of community service! When we arrived there, we split up into two groups of five and one group of four and cleaned the algae out of the turtle ponds. We got on our knees with brushes and a hose and scrubbed away for a good two hours. By the time we stepped back to see our progress, the ponds were sparkling. This part of the day ended with everyone soaking wet and laughing, however, everyone RUSHED to shower. After everyone had rinsed and repeated we gathered to go out to dinner. The day was messy and we loved it. By 9 we were all ready for bed and looking forward to the next day.

Posted: Wed, Jun 29, 2011

Island Hopping

Location: M/Y Amigo
Author: James and Josh
Today we woke up early to see kicker rock. kicker rock had beautiful huge cliffs. Than we went to Isla Lobos (which means island of the sea lions). When we arrived we were greeted by a angry bull sea lion who tried attacking our guide. On the island we saw many many sea lions but we were also sad to see a premature sea lion who had been born and died. But after a bit of walking we were able to see a rare site of a baby Blue Footed Boobie who had just hatched. Later we went snorkeling and saw sea turtles and were able to swim with sea lions who would zoom so close to us that is it was almost scary then we were able to go into San Cristobal where instead of buying souvenirs we bought so much food/ junk food, just looking at it could nearly stop your heart. There was a small incident involving the loss of some items but thankfully they were returned with nothing missing , giving a lucky ending to a lucky day.

Posted: Tue, Jun 28, 2011

We heart Boobies (and Albatros and Friggits and Turtles and Sea Lions)

Location: Isla Espanola
Author: Monty and George
Today, after electing to take our walk after breakfast, we woke up at a comparatively late 7 o’clock and traveled to Espanola Island, where we saw many adorable sea lions and two types of Boobies (blue footed and masked), as well as quite a few of the large and plentiful Albatross’ that inhabit the unique island. Returning from our wildlife trek, we had a scrumptious lunch of pork and potatoes. With bellies full we took to the beaches, and what they had to offer left our jaws on the floor. Upon our arrival we saw dozens of sea lions basking on the beautiful white sand, and it was awesome. This excitement led to hours of us frolicking and swimming, and a few impromptu fashion shoots. It has been a fantastic Tuesday.


Posted: Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Ligers and Tigons and Bear Sharktopi

Location: Floreana Island, Galapagos
Author: Mallory and Carly
Today was an amazing day! It was an early start, with most of the boat waking up at about six in the morning and quickly waking up everyone else. We had a delicious breakfast of jam fiesta (a.k.a a blackberry jam sandwich). After the team was ready we embarked on a nature walk through the beautiful island of Florieana. We were amazed to see flamingos in overwhelming flamingo bay and got to stroll the beaches and see baby iguanas and large crabs. It was extremely hot here, so we all got our tan on on the roof of the boat upon our return. While we were tanning we made our way over to another island in which we were able to snorkel! Snorkeling in the Galapagos was such an amazing and truly unique experience, we got to see tons o’ fish, a sea turtle and several playful sea lions that showed no fear about swimming right up next to us. Then we got very cold and returned to the boat with our dingy captain Carly. We had another long rest surrounding lunch in which we made cards for out team mate Andrew! (His birthday is tomorrow). We cruised around to another area of Floriana where we visited Post office bay and saw creepy spirit-ridden. Everyone was terrified. We were also able to snorkel and walk on the beach before going back to the boat. Overall it was a wonderful, sunny day with many great surprises!

Posted: Sun, Jun 26, 2011

Hola Galapagos

Location: Quito to the Galapagos
Author: Palmer and Rolando
This morning we all had to get up early and be ready by 4:15am. Most would agree that it was worthwhile because in only a matter of hours, we’d arrive in the Galapagos Islands. After boarding the bus at 4:20am, we headed to Quito’s airport. We arrived so early that the staff at the airport weren’t working yet. The flight wasn’t long, so we arrived at the Galapagos with time left to explore Santa Cruz, the biggest city in the Galapagos. Not only that we also got to explore the Darwin Center where we got to see the famous Lonesome George along with other tortoises followed by a delicious dinner back on our boat.

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