Global: Session 2 - Bora Bora: Tahiti

Posted: Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Star Struck

Location: Bora Bora
Author: Marie
In the morning, Julia and Molly surprised us with some delicious croissants! Then, we did some much needed laundry and then a few of us went to the grocery store to stock up on food before we left Bora Bora. After that we got some free time on shore, to shop and eat and then we came back to the boat and had to fill our water tanks by hand ugh. UGH! After that we were treated to a delicious dinner at the famous Bloody Mary where we had an extra special surprise that was especially enjoyed by Travis!

Posted: Tue, Jul 19, 2011

Bora ‘Smora’; a hotel for all

Location: Bora Bora, coral gardens, lagoon
Author: Chris
It was another fine day in paradise, while most people were asleep (including me), Molly and Julia motored the boat farther South down Bora Bora where the coral gardens are situated. After a lovely breakfast of pancakes, we set off for an early snorkel at the coral gardens before it was ‘polluted’ by tourists. It was a great location as there were tons of squirrel, butterfly, angel fish, and even a barracuda as well as others (which I cannot name). After that we headed off to the Lagoonarium which was an incredible surprise! There we were able to swim with black tips sharks, lemon sharks, and rays! We also saw turtles and swam with a variety of beautiful reef fish that came right up to us to many of our delights. I was especially lucky as I got to feed a eagle ray, who’s mouth was more like a vacuum than a mouth. Overall it was a swell day!

Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2011

Sail Chat Day!

Location: Bora Bora
Author: Karla
Another day in Bora Bora with rain. Travis and Marie-Louse made French toast for breakfast and it was YUMMY. We had to eat down below because of the weather, but then the sun came out and we were so happy. Julia and Molly found a place where we could snorkel. So we went snorkeling and I saw a lot of blue fish and sea urchins. Julia told us to collect two rocks one ugly and one pretty. I looked for rocks for a long time. In the afternoon, we did a sail chat about safety and VHF operators licensing. We had a big BBQ for dinner with eggplant and mash potatoes and homemade BBQ sauce! After dinner we had a group study session on sailing.

Posted: Sun, Jul 17, 2011

Other side of the island!

Location: Bora Bora
Author: Maddy Andrew
Today was a fun and interesting day. We woke up to some pretty strong wind. We couldn’t move the boat right away like we’d planned to so we decided to go snorkeling. After a little detour to a distant motu, we decided to go sailing. The weather was perfect for sailing. We sailed back and forth on the north side of the clear blue Bora Bora lagoon for a couple of hours while practicing our tacks, jibes, and sail trim. Our sail practice continued around the lagoon to the southeast side (where we are anchored now!). It was a very tricky motor because we went through a lot of shallows but we managed with me on the helm!

Posted: Sat, Jul 16, 2011

Despite the rain…

Location: Bora Bora
Author: Catie Chipman
This morning, after a lively evening in town we were able to sleep inn, and for most of us catch up on some much needed sleep! After breakfast of scrambled eggs we left the yacht club and motored around part of the island, through both the sunshine and the rain. With a quick change of course we picked up a mooring for the morning. We then dinghied over to a bakery we had visited a few days before to get some great treats and baguettes for dinner. Then with a motor to a new location we put down an anchor and swam and explored the land for the remainder of the afternoon. In addition to the great swimming, we snorkeled and found some really cool corals and a variety of small colored fish. Once we raced aboard again the rain poured and eventually cleared out and left an incredible sky scene. The distant rain and gray skies over the turquoise blue water was a positive outcome from the huge amount of rain. Following this observance of the skyline on deck (after we held a full organized debate over where to eat!), the Pelican Crew prepped for a Lifeworks night and took in yet another view of the sky in the brilliant clear stars.

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