Global: Session 1 - Odysseus: Mediterranean

Posted: Mon, Jun 27, 2011


Location: Porto Liscia
Author: Andres Witzke
Today we woke up to the sight of the awesome rocky walls of Bonifacio and got ready to depart in our way to Italy. About 20 minutes after leaving the dock, we stopped, dropped the dinghies, put on bathing suits and went into an amazing cave formed in the coast; it was gargantuan, the sun shined through it and we were truly awed. Then we were on our way to Sardinia. After two hours sailing the close gap between the two islands we arrived to a small bay: we made it to Italy! We anchored and had some Caesar Salad wraps. Then it was time for the Boom Swing. We quickly cleaned up and set it up. We detached the haulier of the main sail and attached it to the boom, following a few pulls we got the boom 30ft in the air, with another line we moved it to the side of the boat and tied a thick rope to it with a big knot at the end that reached the deck, let’s start jumping! We swung from deck into the refreshing sea, even catching some air! Some of us tried to climb the rope, others just pulled off back flips or sunbathed in the perfect weather we had. After great fun we took showers, played Uno and ate dinner. Now we’re getting ready for the first session of Lifeworks, we’ll see how it goes! We’re all very excited that tomorrow we’ll get to step foot on Italy!

Posted: Sat, Jun 25, 2011

Kings and Queens of Corsica

Location: Calvi: Amazing beaches, Fairly calm winds for today, Beautiful port city
Author: Travis Richards
Today was our last day in Calvi, our first stop in Corsica, a beautiful city nestled in a seaside valley. As a special surprise for the crew, we were treated to an early start for our crew to go to shore for a wonderful morning at the beach. Rugby, Soccer, Good ol’ fashioned catch, and all around beach tomfoolery abounded. The water was cool and calm, perfect for swimming and wading under the hot Mediterranean sun. Afterwards, the group went back to the port, splitting up to get last glimpses at the infinitum of boutiques and shops, and stopping for some Gelato. After a quick clean up and an excellent effort from the crew to prepare for voyage, we set off to Bonifacio, on the southern tip of Corsica. After just leaving Calvi, the crew gets some quick practice with tacking and working with the jib to learn ever more about the finer points of our dearest Argo. Some crew members were lucky enough to relax on the forward netting, laughing with excitement as the swells played with the boat, rocking us to and fro, with a jovial response from all. Later, after sailing for a few hours and taking turns at the helm and bow watch, the crew gathered to watch the sunset in a cloudless, beautiful ocean horizon, waiting with bated breath for the legendary “Green Flash” , which much to our disappointment failed to show. Bonifacio is a long sail, and we will sail onward through the night in standard watch-shift order. The sails are full and the seas are calm, full speed to Bonifacio!!

Posted: Fri, Jun 24, 2011

Calvi – The Windy City

Location: traitorously jagged cliffs, light houses making sure boats don’t go straight into cliffs that border the whole Island like a natural castle wall. Oh, and it’s pretty choppy.
Author: Ryan “Skipper” Sweet
During our first shift of night sailing we had three teams that swapped every three hours, from 9 p.m. to 10:30 a.m. This meant that every crew member was feeling somewhat fatigued. When team three spotted land the wind finally started to pick up, so they cut off the engine and we finally got to use a hundred percent sail power. Group one saw about twenty dolphins that swam all away around the boat, and stayed around the bow; the first wildlife seen at sea. We arrived at Calvi around 11am with every crewman who did bow watch soaked head to toe. The scenery that leads up to the port was incredibly unique with mountains so tall that they still had snow on them, in June, in the middle of the Mediterranean. On the right hand side of this huge bay there was a lighthouse that has been guiding ships 500 years ago to now from crashing into the jagged rocks. Behind the lighthouse is a still functioning city built within a castle wall. Once we dropped anchor we had to bring the sails down and put sail covers on, but the wind was blowing with such intense gusts nothing would fold or tie down. Once we got passed the massive task it was to tie the sails down we ate a great lunch of grilled sandwiches and tomato soup, and then headed to shore. The boat ride was just as feverish as the wind soaked everyone on their way in to shore. In the town that extended out of the castle wall, the entire water front was cluttered with yachts off all sizes, but water front at the town’s edge turned into a nice short beach filled with restaurants and water sport rentals. This beautiful city overflowing from a 15th century wall nestled within a jagged cliff of a bay is a fantastic example of the Mediterranean’s most extreme and insane geography.

Posted: Thu, Jun 23, 2011

Baptism by Tire

Location: St. Tropez
Author: Matt Giannotti
The crew of Argo awoke to a fiercely cold morning after a long night of arduous one hour night watches, rotating seemingly without end. The newly established watch teams took over the ship in the early hours, setting course to Saint Tropez. Watch teams viciously shook off the exhausting jet lag and the crew was just showing sprouts of sea legs. All new Argo sailors shared the same trait: novice. A long morning of ship work and travel reaped great results, for the crew reached the gleaming port of Saint Tropez. From the bay, the city seemed ancient but the multimillion dollar yachts changed that mindset. The crew marched up a steep path to try to locate the seemingly inexistent maritime museum. What the sailors found was a relic castle on that hill. After exploring and a failed plundering, the group dissented into the town of Saint Tropez. The genders separated as for the ladies wanted clothes and handbags and the men were on a tireless search for a store selling European spy equipment. Both ironically settled for lunch at different fine French restaurants. Hours of wandering followed. After salt water ocean baths and briefing of the destination, the crew readied for the first legitimate sail. This first sail was also destined to be a night sail. After dinner, the new sailors eagerly awaited the challenge. I, in fact, am actually writing this under sail with only minimal nausea.

Posted: Wed, Jun 22, 2011

“That’s Awesome”

Location: Cannes, France
Author: Becca
Today was our first full day on the boat! Last night we ran the anchor watch, so everyone woke up a little groggy. We woke up in Nice where our first big task of the day was running through the safety drills: fire, man over board, and abandon ship. The fire hoses have a bit of kick to them, and Cali and Serena got surprised by the water. We had a surprise man overboard drill in which we successfully saved the buoy! Then we put up the sails, even though we actually motored on over to Cannes. When we got to Cannes we went ashore to visit the city. We walked the board walk and went window shopping. Then some of the boys decided to attempt (and failed) to pick up girls in the McDonalds. We finished off our time on shore at the public beach, swimming and people watching. When we got back to Argo we saw the BIGGEST BOAT EVER, the yacht was 5 stories tall and 434 feet long!! While dinner was being prepared we danced the swing in the galley, sang along with the music, and tanned on the deck. Chloe finally arrived!

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