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Sailing, scuba diving, marine biology & community service! You’re in for the ride of your life on any AQ summer adventure camp.

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AQ has summer adventure programs that span the globe for every experience level and adventurer.

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For over 40 Years AQ has provided life activating teen adventure programs around the globe, igniting the spark that lives within us all

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Bright and articulate, AQ alumni are motivated and independent, determined to travel their own path through life to make the most of the opportunities they have.

ActionQuest In One Word

AQ students try to encapsulate their experience into one word, but sometimes one word just isn't enough.

What's The Best Part About ActionQuest?

ActionQuest students share their favorite parts about the AQ experience and what makes AQ such a special place.

AQ Parent Testimonials

ActionQuest parents reflect on the impact of their student's experience with AQ and the changes they've noticed at home.

The Biggest Thing Our Students Learned From Their AQ Experience

Our students reflect on the most valuable lessons they learned from their time at ActionQuest.