3 Basic Life Skills You Learn at ActionQuest

Posted: Tue, Nov 1, 2016

Whether its your fifth voyage with ActionQuest, or the first time youve set foot on a boat, youre bound to wind up learning a few basic skills once we set sail.

Close-Quarter Living

Whether its at home, at college, or even on another voyage with ActionQuest, youre probably going to wind up sharing a living space again at some point. Lucky for you, youve already experienced the joy of waking up at 3 a.m. in a full sweat after your bunkmate closed the hatch in your cabin designed to circulate the breeze below deck. Living with a new roommate in a college dorm should be a piece-of-cake compared to living on a boat for three weeks with 14 other people.

Cooking & Cleaning For Large Groups

As it turns out, cooking for 15 hangry people (Hangry: Adj. Anger resulting from hunger) after a full day of skills classes and scuba diving isnt the easiest of tasks to accomplish. From digging under the salon cushions for the necessary ingredients, to realizing that you never actually turned the oven on, Chef Duty certainly presents its own set of challenges. Oh, and never mind the fact that you also have to do all of the cooking on a tiny three-burner stove that has trouble staying lit.

Its a well known AQ fact that Mexican Night requires no less than 4,000 dishes to create, but who doesnt love sitting down at the end of the day and gorging on over-stuffed burritos while watching the sun set with your new best friends? Who cares about the refried beans that are now permanently burned to the bottom of the pan? We can figure that out after the second round of burritos.

How To Be Yourself

Life aboard can feel a bit like living under a microscope. Its inevitable that close friendships are formed with fellow shipmates during a voyage, and overtime the mix of personalities starts to form a hilarious quilt of inside-jokes and spontaneous dance parties. Its no wonder why everyone claims that new friendships are among the best parts of an Action Quest adventure.


So now that you’ve mastered all of these incredible skills, what will you do with them? Tell us in the comment section below, or share your own life lessons that you learned during your voyage with ActionQuest!