Service Is Still On!

Posted: Sun, Jul 31, 2016

Location: Andes Mountains, Chugchilan
Author: Faris A.

We woke up to a wonderful morning, with a serving of pancakes and the sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra and the choice of relaxing yoga class taught by out guide, Skylar. However, 5 people including me, Katie, Will, Soo and Ajah were out of commission. A nasty head cold had swept through the team and left some of us needing some time to recover. The rest of the group left earlier than yesterday to work, and split into three groups; Eve, Hugo, Ben, David and Rob went to a potato field to hoe the land for new crops, as did Isis, Daisy, Ryan, Josh and Skylar. The other group Felix, Tommy, Cami, Claire, Orlando and Devin went to fix up another trail. They all worked hard with hoes and spades. They smashed the trails and the guides were happy with the outcome.

For those who were working, lunch was taken in the field. Vegetarian sandwiches, carrots, popcorn, an apple and a homemade cookie. They worked through blisters and sore muscles.

Everyone came back exhausted and dirty, fighting each other for first shower before half the group went for a beautiful horse back riding adventure in the valley at sunset. The rest enjoyed an afternoon off, playing darts, resting in their rooms, or visiting the sauna and the hot tub. Others enjoyed the zip line. When the horse back riding group came back, we went for a delicious dinner of barley soup, curried vegetables with rice and chocolate cake.

Later that night, we all met in the yoga room to discuss tomorrows activities and then split up into smaller groups of boys and girls. The forum was about how our perceptions of ourselves can differ from how were perceived by others and thinking about what areas we want to strengthen. Overall, the forum was a great experience for all of us to know the things we are good at and what we can improve on. We all went to bed straight away because it was a hard day of work, but were all excited to hike Quilotoa tomorrow.